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DC motor / two-phase stepper / for medical equipment / with coder
PKP2 series Oriental Motor



  • AC/DC:


  • Type:

    two-phase stepper

  • Other characteristics:

    for medical equipment, with coder, with brake, for industrial applications, compact, low-noise, packaging machine, for conveyors, for automatic distributors, for machine tools, for agribusiness, for the semiconductor industry, for the chemical industry, for measurement instruments, permanent magnet, flat, for medical applications, high-torque, low-vibration, centrifuge, for the pharmaceutical industry, for sewing machines

  • Torque:

    Min.: 0.014 Nm (0.0103

    Max.: 64 Nm (47.204


PKP2 Series

2-Phase Stepper Motors

Frame size: 20-85 mm

Basic step angle: 1.8°/0.9°

Max. holding torque: 0.014 Nm - 64 Nm

Available types: standard, with gearhead, with encoder, with brake, high resolution, flat type, type with IP54, type with IP65

- high torque
- low heat generation
- energy saving
- 200 microsteps/step (1.8°/step) or 400 microsteps/step (0.9°/step)