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aluminum double-miter saw / for profiles



  • Treated material:

    for aluminum

  • Other characteristics:

    for profiles


Used for cutting processes of aluminum, plastic and wooden profiles.
Hydro-Pneumatic cutting
Servo controlled rotation axis
Secure cutting by the cover equipped with a safety sensor
Automatic positioning at all degrees between -22.5° and +45° with servo motion system
Industrial PC with Windows based touchscreen and easy to use practical interface
Remote access
Data transfer over remote network connection, Ethernet and USB
Batch processing and precision cutting
Ability to perform cutting automatically from the list or manually
Adjustable saw blade travel speed
Ability to control saw blade travel distance
Process programming and large memory
Automatic horizontal and vertical clamps
Roller conveyor on moving head
90° and angular slicing
Automatic size calculation for mold cutting
Automatic profile support unit
Ability to cut profiles longer than 5050 mm up to 8000 mm length with built-in conveyor