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    external, adapter, high-power, redundant, Power-over-Ethernet


Power Over Ethernet System

PANDUIT offers reliable, cost-effective solutions in DPoE* Power Patch Panels and the DPoE* Compact 8 Midspan for the deployment of emerging PoE (Power over Ethernet) applications, such as IP security cameras, IP Telephony, and IP mobility via wireless access points.

• Save valuable rack space and allows for deployment in space-constrained locations
• Enable network modularity and scalability to grow the network as needed
• Provide redundant powering to reduce risk and diminish downtime
• Simplify installations by leaving switch hardware untouched
• Reduce heat in data centers or closets with energy efficient components
• Utilize fewer components and connections than other PoE solutions to lower capital costs
• Support network transmission rates up to 1GbE with the DPoE* 1Gig Power Patch Panel and the DPoE* Compact 8 Midspan
• Meet the demands of emerging high-power devices with 2X power (up to 32 watts) from the DPoE* Compact 8 Midspan

PANDUIT® DPoE* Power over Ethernet Systems take an innovative approach toward providing scalable and ample power injection for maximum reliability and lower total cost of ownership for the enterprise.

*DPoE is a trademark of Panduit Corp.

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