laser scanner / profile / 2D / for measuring
Q6-C15-82 QuellTech UG



  • Type:


  • Number of axes:


  • Applications:

    for measuring, for surface inspection, for large products, for detection, for quality control, surface inspection, shape measurement, laser, for contact and non-contact measurements, for robotic dimensional inspection, gap, for small parts, for pipes

  • Other characteristics:

    optical, compact, high-resolution, inspection, free-form, rugged, non-contact, fixed, high-speed, with blue laser diode, for production lines, robotic, for food volume measurement, Ethernet, high-speed

  • Technology:

    laser, laser line triangulation

  • Operating temperature:

    Min.: 15 °C (59 °F)

    Max.: 40 °C (104 °F)

  • Length:

    Min.: 15 mm

    Max.: 800 mm

  • Width:

    Min.: 46 mm

    Max.: 1240 mm

  • Measuring distance:

    Min.: 105 mm

    Max.: 344 mm


Q6 Laser Scanner for 2D and 3D automatic non-contacting measurement of:
Free Shape Comparison | Profile | Width | Height | Depth | Edge | Groove | Channel | Bead | Angle | Roundness | Presence | Planarity | Deformation | Flushness | Volume | Position | Completeness | Track Accuracy | Doubling

Principle: Laser Line Triangulation
QuellTech laser-scanners make use of the triangulation principle to detect the two-dimensional profile of surfaces. By means of particular optical components, a point-shaped laser beam is expanded to a line and projected to the object of interest. The diffuse light of the reflected laser line is captured by an objective at a certain angle and then directed to a two-dimensional receiver chip.

•High resolution and profile speed of 14.000 profiles/s and up to 57 Mio points/s
•X-Measuring range from 46 to 1240 mm, Z-Measuring range (height) from 15 to 800 mm
•Laser wave length blue 405/450 nm, red 650 nm
Q6 Laser Scanner, Further Properties
•Resolution down to 0.24 µm
•Different HDR- Modes for objects of strongly differing reflectivity
•Multi Slope Mode for objects of strongly differing reflectivity
•Different trigger modes, 2 trigger inputs (encoder input RS422)
•Casing with protective system IP67
•*GenICam and GigEVision Interface Standard for connection to known image processing software tools
•Image processing software

•Supervision of solder paste quantity applied
•Pin straightness measurement for connectors
•Convexity measurement of surfaces
•Gap measurement and control
•Inline inspection of dimensional stability
•Inspection of rail profiles for railway
•Angle setting of aircraft flaps and ailerons