laser scanner / 2D / 2/3-axis / for robots
Q5 series

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laser scanner / 2D / 2/3-axis / for robots laser scanner / 2D / 2/3-axis / for robots - Q5 series


  • Number of axes:

    2D, 2/3-axis

  • Applications:

    for robots, inspection, profile, for production lines

  • Technology:

    laser, laser line triangulation, optical

  • Configuration:

    compact, fixed, in-line

  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, free-form, robotic, high-precision, automated, non-contact, Ethernet, rugged

  • Length:

    Min.: 5 mm (0 in)

    Max.: 879 mm (35 in)


Q5- Laser Scanner Series for Inline Inspection in Automation and Industry

The new QuellTech Q5 Laser Scanner Series combines the advantages of small form factors with both high resolution and scan rate.
Special adjustable algorithms can be selected, extremely useful particularly also for optically most demanding surfaces.

High Scan Rate with up to 14,000 Profiles/sec
Due to an appropriate limitation of the image range (AOI) in X and Z direction, the scan rate could considerably be increased.

-X measuring range from 10 to 1022 mm
-Z measuring range (height) from 5 to 878 mm
-Laser wave length blue 405/450nm, red 650nm
-Max. resolution: 0,3 µm (numerical resolution)
-Special algorithms for highly reflective materials, COG, Finite Impulse Response
-Master-Slave Configuration for Multi-Scanner-Applications
-Individual extremely accurate calibration, directly processed within the laser scanner
-Electronics and laser protected by temperature sensor
-Laser Safe Input
-Image processing software

Some examples of inline applications with QuellTech Q4 Laser Scanner
-Flatness measurements
-Dimensional control in the course of the running production
-Weld seam inspection
-Glue bead inspection
-Quality supervision of forged pieces in production
-Measurement of aluminum slabs
-Angle adjustment for airplane flaps and ailerons
-Inspection of printed circuits