laser scanner / 2D / for welding inspection / for robots
Q6 series



  • Number of axes:


  • Applications:

    for welding inspection, for robots, for measuring, for detection, for quality control, shape measurement, for robotic dimensional inspection, for packaging machines, for pipes, for contact and non-contact measurements, for small parts, for large products, inspection, for surface inspection, profile, for production lines, for food volume measurement

  • Technology:

    laser, laser line triangulation, optical

  • Configuration:

    compact, fixed, in-line

  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, with blue laser diode, high-resolution, non-contact, free-form, Ethernet, robotic, rugged

  • Length:

    Max.: 800 mm

    Min.: 15 mm

  • Width:

    Max.: 1,240 mm

    Min.: 46 mm

  • Measuring distance:

    Max.: 344 mm

    Min.: 105 mm


Q6 Laser Scanners for Inline Inspection in Automation and Industry

QuellTech Q6 Laser Scanner, a heavy duty series for most demanding measuring tasks.
They are ideally suited for industrial applications, requiring maximum precision and process stability at high traverse speed:
•High resolution and profile speed of 14.000 profiles/s and up to 57 Mio points/s
•X-Measuring range from 45 to 1200 mm
•Z-Measuring range (height) from 15 to 800 mm
•Laser wave length blue 405/450 nm, red 650 nm

•Numerical Resolution down to 0.24 µm
•Special algorithms for very glossy material
•Different High Dynamic Range (HDR)- Modes for objects of strongly differing reflectivity
•Multi Slope Mode for objects of strongly differing reflectivity
•Different trigger modes, 2 trigger inputs (encoder input RS422)
•Several measuring windows to be set up on chip
•Automatic tracking of measuring windows
•Master-Slave configuration for Multi-scanner application
•User configurations to be stored in laser scanner
•Individual extremely precise calibration at the site of the manufacturer
•Casing with protective system IP67
•*GenICam and GigEVision Interface Standard for connection to known image processing software tools
•Software Developer Kit
•Image processing software

Are Quelltech Laser-Measurement-Systems suitable to inspect your plastik form parts?