Position indicator / digital / 2-axis
WE-6800 Series Rational Precision Instrument Co., Ltd

WE6800 series multi-functional digital readout can be installed on all kinds of lather machine tools, wihich can supply the measuring location when used together with the linear scales.
● Use our special 24-bit count chip, the reading speed can reach 5m per second
● Systematic anti-jamming in power and signal can reach 2200V or above
● Display data both in English and Chinses
● Can recall the current position (RI) after power failure
● Can work right between AC90V and 240V
● Coordinate zero reset, divide by 2, preset,ABS coordinate ,INC coordinate, 1000 groups of user coordinates
● Shrink rate, calculater
● Detect the RI
● Divide holes on a circle
● Divide holes on an oblige line
● Arc manufacturing, ramp manufacturing(WE-6800 WE-6800-3)
● EDM manufacturing(WE6800E)
● Edge detecting(option)


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