motorized positioner / rotary / 1-axis / for robots
TH Series Robital Robot Technologies



  • Type:


  • Orientation:


  • Number of axes:


  • Product applications:

    for robots

  • Payload:

    Min.: 250 kg (551.156 lb)

    Max.: 5,000 kg (11,023.113 lb)


TH Series is part of ROBITAL’s single-axis positioners for workpieces that requires rotation about one axis. Its infinite rotation operation range and precise positioning makes it possible to access the optimum position to operate on difficult workpieces.

This positioner can be used with all brands of industrial robots and can be delivered with or without a servo motor/driver kit depending on the preference of the integrator/customer.

Variants include servo-driven synchronized and indexing models as well as AC driven manual welding positioners.

Options: Double-side welding ground connections, adjustable flange-to-flange distance, vertically moveable head and tailstock.