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Punching die
RUKO GmbH Präzisionswerkzeuge

Cuts holes in thin materials quickly, easily, cleanly and without burrs in a few simple operations.

Three-point cut gives improved contact and thus less deformation of the punched parts, preventing damage to the draw-in bolt.

The ball bearing between draw-in bolt and die plate makes handling even simpler and quicker, reducing the force required by approx. 67%.

Before the screw-hole punch is used, the draw-in bolt should always be lubricated with RUKO cutting spray or cutting paste.

The metric draw-in bolts of RUKO screw hole punches are always of the highest quality grade and are thus designed for extreme loads. If lost, they can be replaced for short periods of time by standard metric fine threaded bolts.

Particularly suitable for use with spanners, manual or foot-operated hydraulic punches.

Special sizes available on request.


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