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heavy load drum motor / for conveyors
630M, 630H Rulli Rulmeca



  • Options:

    for heavy loads, for conveyors

  • Diameter:

    630 mm

  • Width:

    750 mm


To match your requirements in diameter 630 mm, our product range offers two different loading performances for your BULK applications:

You have a choice.

Therefore, it is important to notice the differences to choose the right type of pulley for the right application based on estimated belt tension (radial load) = T1+T2. The actual radial load MUST be LESS than the max. allowable radial load shown in this catalogue.

Be aware of increased belt tensions using multi-ply thick heavy belts and/or larger belt widths.

If you do not find the belt tension needed in this diameter, you might have to choose a larger one.

Except for the fact that motor/gearbox of 630M originates from 500H, both types – 630M and 630H – are designed for HEAVY DUTY applications. They provide the necessary torque and belt pull.

Both pulleys are designed for tough, irregular, extreme and brutal working conditions.

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