Custom AGV - Industry 4.0 Ready Scaglia Indeva


Scaglia INDEVA thanks to our expertise and knowledge in industry automation and wi-fi control technology necessary in industries 4.0, we have provided interface softwares and program to allow our AGVs to communicate with the KUKA robots present on the assembly line of a large italian Company. The robot, using the interface created by Scaglia INDEVA, automatically assigns to the AGV one of the 3 possible missions it can carry out. The Kuka robot fills the trolley, and when this is full, asks the AGV to move the trolley to a specific position.
This Company, highly satisfied, has decided to implement interconnection between machines in another assembly area.
A worker in the warehouse manually uploads 6 empty pallets unto the AGV and starts the AGV that moves to the assembly line and stops at the pallet exchange station; here the AGV starts communication with the assembly machine, using the Company wi-fi-network.
A power driven roller conveyor system called “carousel” designed by INDEVA®, allows a smooth and safe pallet exchange. After the exchange is over, the AGV checks if it has been carried out properly, then returns to the warehouse to start a new mission.
Using AGV in Industry 4.0 logic in these 2 assembly areas has greatly enhanced their safety level, and has increased overall productivity and profitability.


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