single-point load cell / beam type / stainless steel / hermetic
SIWAREX WL260 SP-S SC Siemens Process Instrumentation



  • Type:


  • Form:

    beam type

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, hermetic, strain gauge


The solitary point load cell SIWAREX WL260 SP-S SC is constructed from stainless steel and hermetically conserved. The amount of safety IP68/69K is particularly appropriate for the foodstuff and drink business in addition to pharmaceutical manufacture. The load cell contains a load choice from 10 kilograms to 500 kilograms and an utmost platform dimension of 800 by 800mm. In addition, it is accepted for the exploit in marketable scales with category-III with nmax=4.000d as an utmost scale period number. The alternative C4 MR with Y=40.000 as an utmost load cell confirmation interval is the best resolution for high-accuracy uses.

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