Bellows suction cup
max. 200 °C | SH Sommer-Technik

Nobody likes wrinkles! But for these suction cups they are of an advantage. They compensate differences in height, and provide good adaptation. Stroke "Z" suctions the work piece, and that could eventually make an additional stroke cylinder obsolete.
The bellowed suction cups are available in oil-resistant Perbunan (NBR, black), temperature resistant food safe Silicone (up to +200 °C, white­transparent), or natural rubber with a soft ­consistency like 45 Shore, especially suitable for uneven problematic surfaces.
The suction cups can be plugged onto the ­adapters or the vacuum ejectors very easily.

The blue model HT (high temperature material) leaves no imprints and is especially suitable for plastics, oily surfaces, and porous materials like stone and wood.


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