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The Tappex Trisert range of inserts for plastics has been developed for various environments and application criteria. It includes three primary designs – Double ended, Reduced headed and Headed, all available as Normal limit and Close limit.
Double Ended – Product Features
Trisert inserts

Three primary and three secondary equidistant cutting flutes over the length of the external form, give a more balanced cutting load than other forms of self-tapping insert. The cutting action takes place at a larger number of points on the thread form over the length and circumference of the insert.

Lead on both ends allows the insert to be installed either way up, therefore, where the volumes dictate that bowl feeding equipment is required, it is not necessary to incorporate complex flighting systems to orientate the insert, which makes bowl feeding simpler and reduces tooling costs.

Free running internal thread due to there being no interruption to the internal thread, as the external longitudinal flutes produce the cutting action during installation.

Reduced outward stress – During the installation process the cutting action of self-tapping inserts results in slight outward stress. This is reduced to an absolute minimum with the Trisert and enables the insert to be used in brittle materials and also where there are thin walls.

Improved axial alignment – The balanced cutting load of the Trisert reduces side thrust caused by predominantly only one cutting edge. This has the effect of guaranteeing much closer axial alignment of the insert in the hole.