threaded insert / brass / round / molded-in
M3 - M12 | HiMould® TAPPEX



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The Tappex HiMould range of brass inserts has been designed as a technical improvement on the superseded Yardley style of insert, specifically for moulding-in during the cycle of the moulding machine. This is the traditional method of placing metal inserts in plastic mouldings, although normally the insert is laboriously screwed onto threaded pins located inside the mould tool. With the HiMould range, this costly and inefficient process becomes unnecessary, as the insert can be rapidly located on to plain pins giving higher productivity and reducing tool down time. Despite the use of plain pins the unique design of the HiMould insert still gives guaranteed flash free threads. By using sleeve ejectors around the pins to push off the moulding, this can simplify the mould tool design and also provide a faster and more reliable moulding process, thereby increasing productivity. Tappex HiMould inserts have become widely used in all types of thermoplastic and thermoset plastic mouldings.