adhesives dispenser / volumetric / for the electronics industry / automatic
Dosaset Tecna Srl - Leak anf Flow Testing Solutions



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    for the electronics industry

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DOSASET are specially designed cyclohexanone dispenser. It is used for the consumption decreasing of cyclohexanone trough installed evaporation because the wet surface that is in contact with air is reduced.
It has a wide range of advantages. It eliminates the problems that are connected with the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and does not require any aspiration device for the vapors.
The installed instrument is designed for electronic controlling of the cyclohexanone level and also allows more control over the test quality. This way, the mistake regarding the wrong choice of cartridges by the operators diminishes is completely eliminated.
The machine does not need any maintenance because the adapters doesn’t require.This results in small costs related to the instrument.
The closing of the dispensing holes are automatized when the solvent is about to finish.
There is also a possibility to set a working cycle in different sequences for different adapters.
The speed of gluing is also improved and the operator times of bonding are controlled.

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