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CHR-IC-03 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



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CHR-IC-03 can analyze ppb to ppm levels of a wide variety of anions (including those of halide, NOx, SxOy) and cations (including mono- and bivalent metal ions and ammonium ion). Depending on Na+ and Cl- concentration, it can offer a detection limit of 0.1ppb to 5ppb and a correlation coefficient of 0.9998, with a linear range of 103. The noise, drift ion, and cation baseline are less than ± 0.05, 1.5, and 0.5, respectively.

The chromatograph features variable-speed reciprocating infusion pumps made of chemically inert PEEK. The pump operates in the whole pH range and features a self-cleaning parallel double plunger. The microprocessor-based control can be accessed through the front panel or custom-designed ACE software. The pump can handle high pressure and voltages up to 35MPa and a maximum flow rate of 5ml/min, while offering accuracy and precision of ±2.5 and 0.2%, respectively.

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