plowshare mixer / continuous / solid/liquid / for sludge and lime



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    for sludge and lime

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WAMGROUP WAH continuous horizontal single shaft mixers are ideal for dry bulk solids, dry bulk solids + liquids, low-viscosity pastes and sludges.

They comprise of a cylindrical mixing drum vessel featuring an inlet and an outlet placed at the opposite end. They also have a vented spout, a mixing shaft, and two end plates for drum closing that transport flanged end bearing assemblies. Also included is a built-in, adaptable shaft sealing unit, and a drive unit featuring power transmission.

In a unique arrangement on the drum's mixer shaft, a rotation of Ploughshare or inclined blade-type shovel tools is carried out as mixing tools. This causes a turbulence in the mix that leads a regular involvement of all product components within the mixing operation. The mixers provide highly accurate mixing by preventing the development of dead spots or slow-movement zones within the mixing drum.

Also possible, in certain cases, is the installation of seperately-driven high-speed choppers to get the required mixing effect.