film capacitor / cylindrical / low-voltage / three-phase



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  • Technical characteristics:

    low-voltage, three-phase, discharge, power factor correction

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The capacitors for power factor correction are designed as per IEC 60831-1/2 and UL810 standards. The unit contains self-healing metalized polypropylene film, internal over pressure security device and internal discharge resistors in three-phase units, modules and banks. The capacitors allow maximum 10kA fault current and smaller than 0,4 W/kVAr dielectric losses. The Three-phase capacitors bank come with BCW-P protection.

The capacitor is available in moulded circuit breaker of DWA and NH fuses versions. Three-phase capacitord UCW-T includes 220V of 5kVAr, 7,5kVAr, 10kVAr; 380V of 7,5kVAr, 10kVAr, 12,5kVAr, 15kVA; 440V of 7,5kVAr, 10kVAr, 12,5kVAr, 15kVAr; 480V of 7,5kVAr, 10kVAr, 12,5kVAr, 15kVAr

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