single-point load cell / planar beam / beam type / precision
LAA-W1 Xiamen Loadcell Technology Co.,Ltd.



  • Type:


  • Form:

    planar beam, beam type

  • Other characteristics:

    precision, aluminum, for scales, for medical applications, IP65, strain gauge

  • Rated load:

    Min.: 30 kg (66.14 lb)

    Max.: 300 kg (661.39 lb)


LCT Planar beamload cells have been designed such that their excellent mechanical and measurement properties can be optimally used in a wide range of applications. They are designed for those who need to produce equipment with minimal overall height. They are usually implemented in sets of three or four per scale.
Advantages of LCT Planar beam load cells:
Most planar beams are not corner-adjusted. Using 3 or 4 Planar beam load cells is an alternative to a single point load cell configuration with the additional benefit of a practical unlimited platform size.
Model LAA-W1 load cells are designed to this “Planar beam”type and manufactured from high quality aluminum alloy of aviation standard. LAA-W1 oad cells can be used to measure loads range from 30kg to 300kg with the measuring accuracy of 0.05% R.O.( R.O.=Rated Output)
LAA-W1 load cells are mainly used for retail scales, medical scales,personal scales,bathroom scales,airport baggage scales,postal scales and any weighing environment where space is a limiting factor.