AC servo-gearmotor / coaxial / helical / compact
S7P series Yaskawa America, Inc. - Drives & Motion Division



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    compact, precision, high-torque


High Torque, Low RPM Performance In a Compact Space
Add the advantages of a gearhead to a servo motor optimized for space savings. Yaskawa created the S7P to maximize the advantage of SGM7P servo motors, which pack full torque and speed performance into a motor reduced in length by 25%. This puts world-class speed control and positional accuracy into less space than ever before, allowing machine designers to develop more compact and efficient products.
Yaskawa factory installed and tested for a perfect fit and guaranteed long term performance
Backed by a full Yaskawa warranty
Gear ratios: 3/1, 5/1, 10/1, 25/1 or 50/1
Quiet helical cut gears reduce vibration and noise
High precision operation with a standard backlash of 5 arc-min
High rigidity and torque capacity with a design featuring uncaged needle roller bearings
Optimized adapter bushing minimizes inertia, allowing more output torque to be realized
Seal leakage is prevented by high viscosity, anti-separation grease that won’t liquefy or migrate away from gears
Maintenance free grease for the life of the unit, regardless of the gearhead’s orientation