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tool bag / polyester
tool bag

Store and protect all your rods and accessories in one place Constructed of durable 1680d material with a reinforced base Shoulder strap adjusts for easy carrying Adjustable bag accommodates 4-foot, 5-foot, and 6-foot ...

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Klein Tools
tool bag
tool bag


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AmPro Tools Corporation
gas recovery bag / for gas analyzers
gas recovery bag
Rapidox SF6

The Rapidox gas recovery bag is especially manufactured for the collection of SF6, but it is also useful for recovering several other gases from any appropriate gas analyzer. Since the SF6 is included in the greenhouse gases, any discharge ...

container desiccant bag
container desiccant bag
Container Dri® II series

Container Dri® II are available in size 125g bag Container Dri® II is the new generation of transport protection for the reduction of dewpoint and control of condensation. It eliminates mould, corrosion, mildew, peeling labels and other ...

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Brownell Ltd
heat sealing film / lacquered / aluminum / sturdy
heat sealing film

alupharm® is the designation of ALUCOAT for the lacquered foil intended to be used for the production of protective and safe packaging for pharmaceutical applications. Moreover It can be made suitable for different applications like “push ...

transport bag / for tools / PVC / nylon
transport bag
KARI 15 B15

New KARI range of durable, tough, waterproof kit bags for storage and hauling. heightec’s new adaptable KARI 15 transport bag has 15L capacity and features secure, roll top closure with extending straps for variable capacity. The new ...

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Heightec Ltd.
polyurethane foam profile / curved / extruded / for sealing
polyurethane foam profile

Kemtron offers a wide range of Extrusions suitable for all your Environmental sealing and RFI Shielding issues. We are at the forefront of providing the necessary gaskets to maintain safety within hazardous area electrical systems ranging ...

thermoformed tray
thermoformed tray

Bespoke thermoformed and EPP trays, stackable when filled and nestable when empty Thermoformed trays and molded trays made with EPP are tailor-made to the product they contain, so they have a perfect fastening that avoids breaks, scratches ...

adhesive film / protective / vapor barrier / fiber cloth
adhesive film

FIBER KINGPRO® is a breathable and waterproof multi-surface protection that allows your freshly laid floors to breathe (evacuation of water vapor and solvents). The KINGPRO® waterproof breathable fiber is quick to install and stays ...

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tubular protective netting
tubular protective netting
MCN series

Material: LDPE (VARIOUS COLOURS) Flexible to Fit Irregular Shapes Open Design Prevents Corrosion Sold in Rolls, but can be Sliced to Length

VCI anti-corrosion tablet
VCI anti-corrosion tablet

Description: Multimetal VpCI® tablet. Easy to use, dosage is easily adaptable. Manually or automatically inserted. Conforms to MIL-I-22110. Application: Cor-Pak® Tablets are designed to protect products, components or assemblies when ...

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Cortec Corporation
protective film / bubble / roll / for wrapping machines
protective film

Width: 0.3 m
Length: 100 m
Thickness: 10 mm

The bubbles protect the product from damage, shock, water, etc. Goods packed in bubble foil are clean and safe while transporting. Bubble wrap is tear resistant and fits the shape of any product. It is suitable for protecting smallest ...

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Becpak Sp. z o.o.
protective film / packaging / stretch / multilayer
protective film

Width: 250 mm - 2,500 mm
Thickness: 30 µm - 200 µm

Cover films Gröning cover films provide protection against moisture, UV or dust and are used for a broad range of applications. The film comes wound on reels, with tear-off perforation or as separate blanks, optionally micro-perforated ...

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W. Gröning GmbH & Co. KG
packaging film / plastic / transparent / for wrapping machines
packaging film

Manual film Film width: 100 - 500 mm Thickness: 12 - 35 μ Length:100 - 300 m Colour:transparent, other colours possible Machine film Film width: 500 mm Thickness: 12 - 35 μ Length:900 - 2,500 m Colour:transparent, other ...

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Humboldt Verpackungstechnik GmbH

Unit used to bring the products from one input layer to more than one output layers.

packaging foil / aluminum / for food packaging
packaging foil

Width: 200 mm - 1,610 mm
Thickness: 0.008 mm - 0.07 mm

Aluminium foil is one of the most important and widespread cold-rolled aluminium products and aluminium alloys, mainly applied in consumer products. Its benefits pertaining to various intended uses are also supported by its durability, ...

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cardboard divider
cardboard divider

Make maximum use of your packing space with our Light Weight Spacers and protect your products from damaging each other during transport. The paper honeycomb structure of our Spacers ensures optimal energy absorption and dampens the transfer ...

stretch film / polyethylene / transparent / for wrapping machines
stretch film
FE5023 Series

Width: 50 cm
Thickness: 15 µm - 30 µm

Transparent polyethilene film, suitable for machine wrapping of pallets. Also available in the colors white or black. Products customization are available by requiring different colors, heights or thicknesses.

cardboard divider
cardboard divider

Plain pads or die-cut / die-crushed panels can help pack a wide array of products such as yarns, batteries, motors, die-cast products, transformers or bags of bulk food, etc. Thanks to honeycomb sturdiness, they can be used as returnable ...

isothermal bag / polyester / polyethylene / for medical applications
isothermal bag

APPLICATIONS : - Protection of thermosensitives products during their routing up to the place of residence of the patient or on the scene the injection of the veterinary products. - Communication tool for institutional advertisings UTILIZATION ...

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packaging film / stretch / PE / roll
packaging film

Width: 300 mm - 3,000 mm
Length: 200 mm - 4,000 mm
Thickness: 0.015 mm - 0.04 mm

LLDPE stretch film has a tough, shock, self-adhesive transparent and merit, regardless of collective packaging for products or goods pallets, can moisture, dust and reduce labor, improve efficiency, to protect the product and reduce ...

packaging film / stretch
packaging film

Width: 100, 150, 200 mm
Length: 600, 1,200, 1,400, 1,600, 1,800 mm

Elastic stretch band LINDER elastic stretch band is the flexible solution for your pallet securing during in-house transport and for securing of opened pallets - simply pulled over the uppermost pallet layer and the whole system is stable. ...

packaging film / multilayer / thermoformable / heat sealing
packaging film
GM Series

Width: 5 mm - 650 mm

Polyolefin is a multi-layered co-extruded film consisting of polypropylene and polyethylene. Extremely bright, soft and versatile, it can be easily processed on any kind of packaging machine, both manual and automatic ones. Glossy and ...

transport bag
transport bag
310 x 420 x 100 mm

• For its security, economy and efficiency, SAFEPAK is the most used sealable bag system for sending documents, mail, money, medicine etc. • Recommended for securing high value goods. • The materials used are of high quality, recyclable ...

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Precintia International
transport bag / polyester
transport bag
309900009900 series

MATERIAL Polyester weave with TPU coating, Durable water-repellent material DETAILS Hard base, Wheel, Shoulder strap, Integrated telescopic handle, Pocket on flap, Safety clasp, Two grab-and-hold handles, Address pocket ID pocket ...