heat-shrink tubing / protection / tubular / for electrical cables
heat-shrink tubing
DERAY®-SpliceMelt series

Temperature: -40 °C - 125 °C
Diameter: 1 mm - 18 mm

Adhesive lined heat shrink specifically designed to insulate, seal and protect in-line splices in automotive wire harnesses and electronic assemblies. Features and Benefits 4:1 shrink ratio to fit varying splice ...

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metal conduit / protection / corrugated / for cables
metal conduit

Temperature: -40 °C - 80 °C
Diameter: 7 mm - 56 mm

Characteristics: - free of halogen, silicone and cadmium - resistant to oil, benzine and grease - widely resistant to solvents and acids - high tensile and twisting strength - abrasion resistance and microbe-resistant Further dimensions ...

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Hugro Armaturen GmbH
tubular conduit / for cables / for electrical cables / plastic
tubular conduit
Carlon® ENT series

Carlon® ENT is a light, flexible and strong non-metallic raceway system for use in walls, floors and non-plenum ceilings. Features Fast Installation - Light and strong Carlon ENT is free of sharp edges for faster installation and lower ...

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Thomas & Betts
tubular sleeve / for cables / for electrical cables / polyamide
tubular sleeve

Temperature: -40 °C - 120 °C
Diameter: 13 mm

Can be opened and closed repeatedly Cables can be inserted laterally Abrasion resistant Free of halogen, sulphur and phosphorus Self-extinguishing to IEC 61386 Colour: black Control panels, machine building, plant construction ...

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tubular sleeve / for cables / for electrical cables / stainless steel
tubular sleeve

Diameter: 0 in - 1 in

corrugated conduit / for cables / for electrical cables / polyamide
corrugated conduit
PA series

Temperature: -40 °C - 120 °C
Diameter: 13 mm - 54 mm

Material: Polyamide (Nylon) 6 Applications: Buildings (No fire risk), Machine Tools IP Ratings: IP40, IP66, IP67, IP68

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tubular conduit / for cables / for electrical cables / steel
tubular conduit

Temperature: -40 °C - 90 °C

Abrasion-proof, oil resistant and robust polyu- rethane protection conduit; liquid tight; spiral: plastic coated spring steel wire IP 68 toEN/IEC 60529 -40 °C to +90 °C (short time +125 °C) approx. Colour metallic ...

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NORRES Schlauchtechnik GmbH
corrugated conduit / braided / for cables / for electrical cables
corrugated conduit

Temperature: 500 °C
Diameter: 1 mm - 18 mm

Galvanized steel tubular sheath Applications : Electronics Heating elements Heavy industry Heating appliances Cabinets Operating temperature : 500 °C Halogen-free Metal conductor : Steel and alloys

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corrugated conduit / for cables / for electrical cables / nylon
corrugated conduit
Heyco-Flex™ I series

Temperature: 140 °F - 176 °F
Diameter: 12 mm - 52 mm

The flexible design of the Heyco-Flex™ I Liquid Tight Conduit with smooth internal surface ensures easier wire pulling. The non-metallic electrical conduit prevents against damage by ...

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protection sleeve / spiral / for cables / polyethylene
protection sleeve
SPG series

Diameter: 10 mm - 127 mm

The SPG series from BMP is a set of spiral guards that are specially manufactured with polyethylene to ensure highly durable performance when in use. It comes in a variety of models with different diameter lengths, ranging from 9 mm up ...

protection sleeve / heat-shrinkable / tubular / for cables
protection sleeve

Temperature: -30 °C - 105 °C
Diameter: 24 mm

APSOparts offer a huge deal of heat shrinkable products. These products includes: black shrink hose, thin-walled soft PVC, Polyolefin, transparent FEP, opaque PTFP and transparent SK type PVDF. APSOparts has been providing and offering ...

heat-shrink tubing / tubular / for cables / high-strength
heat-shrink tubing

Temperature: -75 °C - 260 °C
Diameter: 0 in - 5 in

Our FIT heat-shrink tubing offers a reliable way to protect and seal terminations or add additional mechanical ruggedness. FIT preferred heatshrink products are made from premium compounds under the tightest manufacturing ...

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Alpha Wire
protection sleeve / tubular / for cables / nylon
protection sleeve

Temperature: -60 °C - 160 °C
Diameter: 1 mm - 35 mm

... 225) UL-VW-1 Applications Optimal EMI protection for wires, cables, cabletrees and lines Suitable for cable bunching Depending on the use we recommend the closing with: – Earthing cable ...

heat-shrink tubing / tubular / for cables
heat-shrink tubing

Temperature: 120 °C
Diameter: 3 mm - 51 mm

Longitudinal shrinkage: + -10%; Flammability: not self-extinguishing; Colours: transparent, black. Shrink Ratio: 2:1; Working temperature: -55 ° C to +105 ° C; Shrinking temperature: 120 ° C

protection sleeve / braided / for electrical cables / copper
protection sleeve

Temperature: -200 °C - 260 °C

Providing durable protection from the extreme temperatures present aboard spacecraft, Gore’s Protective Braids increase the reliability of signal integrity and offer easy installation in tight areas.

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GORE electronics
protection conduit / tubular / for cables / flexible
protection conduit
CONFiX series

Temperature: -30 °C - 100 °C
Diameter: 8 mm - 50 mm

With CONFiX conduit routing components by icotek cables can be easily routed inside parallel corrugated cable conduits. They are perfect for machines, control panels or switch cabinets ...

protection conduit / corrugated / for electrical cables / plastic
protection conduit
EW series

Temperature: -20 °C - 90 °C
Diameter: 8 mm - 90 mm

The EW cable protection conduits are made of specially modified polyethylene.The material is halogen, phosphor and cadmium-free.The EW cable protection conduits are characterised by excellent flexibility ...

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protection sleeve / heat-shrinkable / tubular / for electrical cables
protection sleeve

Temperature: -55 °C - 135 °C
Diameter: 3 mm - 39 mm

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Brugg Kabel AG
protection sleeve / spiral / for cables / for hoses
protection sleeve
xxPS series

Temperature: -40 °C - 260 °C

PROTECTION SPRINGS - PS Black or yellow polyethylene, basic line spring guard service temperature: -40°C to +90°C; -40°F to +194°F recommended to protect hoses from abrasions and wearing with external parts in construction, ...

heat-shrink tubing / tubular / for cables
heat-shrink tubing

Temperature: -55 °C - 110 °C
Diameter: 0 mm - 4 mm

Thick Wall Heat Shrink provides excellent protection above or below ground level and is suitable for wet locations and direct burial (UL486D)

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protection sleeve / tubular / for hoses / for electrical cables
protection sleeve
NHSBG series

Temperature: -40 °F - 194 °F
Diameter: 1 mm - 2 mm

Burst Guard Nylon Hose Sleeve from Tompkins is an ultra-dense, two-layer sleeve that is three-times the density of standard sleeve. It controls hose bursts up to 13,000 PSI to protect ...

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zip-closing conduit / for cables / for electrical cables / plastic
zip-closing conduit
Kemzip series

Temperature: -30 °C - 105 °C

The Kemzip is a cable shield product engineered to be wrapped along cables requiring EMI/EMC protection. The cable is specially ideal for retrofitting to products, which is in production ...

tubular conduit / braided / for cables / for electrical cables
tubular conduit

Explosion proof stainless steel flexible conduit Installation: zona 1/2/21/22 Classification: II 2 GD Technical features: Flexible conduits are installed where connectionmust be made to equipment subjects to ...

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Spina Group
fiberglass sleeve / insulating / braided / for cables
fiberglass sleeve
G.V.H. 19.67

Temperature: -50 °C - 240 °C
Diameter: 1 mm - 35 mm

These glass yarn products have been treated with insulating materials (synthetic resins or silicone rubber). The insulating GRADE is proportional to the thickness of the coating. (from GRADE C3 kv. 0,8-1 to GRADE a kv.8). These products ...

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spiral conduit / for cables / for electrical cables / PVC
spiral conduit
JSB series

Temperature: -10 °C - 120 °C

The JSB series is a line of metallic conduits manufactured by Bolevo. The interlock type conduit has a galvanized steel core and is jacketed by PVC. It is waterproof and has an oil, flame, corrosion, and sunlight resistance. ...