RCD tester / cabling / digital
RCD tester

PROMAX introduces the new Digital RCD tester PE-365. This instrument features off-time measurement for Protecting Residual-Differencial Current devices according to the specified default current selectable from 3 mA to ...

voltage tester / cabling
voltage tester

... years and as part of its design has always included a fuse in the probe to limit the current in the event of damage to the cable. There is a technical argument that fuses in a voltage indicator can cause unreliability ...

insulation resistance tester / cabling
insulation resistance tester
ST2683 series

... speed and intelligent insulation resistance meter used to measure insulation features of electronic components, equipment, cables and many others. It offers insulation resistance or current display and LED digit display ...

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insulation resistance tester / cabling / digital
insulation resistance tester
max. 20 000 MΩ | GT2

After installing strain gage, the main quality verification and examination test are the isolation impedance and resistance shift. The strain gage is made by foil alloy. Its isolation impedance after installing is more than 20 GΩ. Use ...

network tester / LAN network / cabling
network tester

... designed specifically for on-site working staff. It can be used in testing network type cables (RJ-45). It satisfies the majority of the telephone and computer cable testing requirements.

leakage tester / cabling
leakage tester
LCM 500

... transformer or a toroid transformer (in permanent installations). A field probe connected to the current probe via a coaxial cable and an adapter positioned near the base of the arrester, to pick up the capacitive ...

bulk current injection (BCI) tester / cabling
bulk current injection (BCI) tester
max. 1 GHz | EM Test CWS 500N3

Bulk Current Injection (BCI) is a test procedure to proof the immunity to electrical disturbances by narrowband electromagnetic energy. The test signal is injected by means of a current injection probe physically being a current transformer ...

continuity tester / cabling
continuity tester
0 - 90 kΩ | DUTEST®

DUTEST® Continuity and line tester - reliable detection of faulty wiring, contacting errors and cable interruptions - fast locating from defective fuses, lamps, wires and short-circuits - indication of ...

voltage tester / resistance / capacitance / conductance
voltage tester

Thermocouple tester with 60,000 Count LCD Display 0.08% Basic Accuracy Free Communications Software Included Includes Windows® 7 & 8 Compatible Software CD, USB Cable for Remote Communication Measures ...

voltage tester / for cables / portable / non-contact
voltage tester

... possible to determine which wire in a bundle is the live wire. This application calls for turning down the sensitivity in stages after the HHM-NCV40 senses voltage. As you reduce sensitivity, at some stage only the live ...

network tester / continuity / qualification / transmission rate
network tester
NetXpert XG

The NetXpert XG is a cable tester and active network manager for up to 10Gb/s. Cable Project Qualifier: -Use the project editor, cable test editor, test label editor ...

dielectric tester / spark / for cables
dielectric tester

... jackets during the extrusion or rewinding process has become standard procedure today. ZUMBACH® Spark Testers can be used to test the most diverse range of cable products as per international standards, ...

impact tester / battery / for cables / compact
impact tester

Application: Half Sine Shock and Bump Tester for Battery is designed for measuring and ensure shock performance of products and packages. It can do normal shock test with half sine wave, square wave, sawtooth wave etc., ...

impact tester / battery / for electrical appliances / for packaging
impact tester

Application: Mechanical Shock Tester is mainly used for small products for impact test, to assess the product's ability to withstand shock damage. It is often used in electronic components, electronic circuit boards ...

frequency tester / vibration / battery / for electrical appliances
frequency tester

Vibration Testing System/ Vibration Tester is used to educational, research, and laboratory environments. Adopted the double- magnetic circuit structure, self-generated skeleton action circles, Airborne Support and roller ...

frequency tester / cabling / LED / online
frequency tester
OFS-1 & OFF-1

... machine room, all the fibers are messy because of non-standard cabling or labeling. It is hard to find the right patchcord in such situation. OFS-1 & OFF-1 Optical Fiber Finder can help find the cable ...

continuity tester / cabling / USB / hand-held
continuity tester

The plastic housings of these continuity testers are completely insulated, unbreakable and shockproof. These characteristics make these instruments an excellent fit for daily use and even in the most intense conditions. ...

PROFIBUS tester / battery / installation / cable

Handheld PROFINET Cable Tester PROFINET cable tester is an essential tool to verify the condition of the PROFINET cable after assembly and installation. It ...

LAN network tester / cabling / portable
LAN network tester

... testing of RJ45 UTP & STP cables. The EazyLAN is equipped with a manual and auto test mode and gives the user a good/fault indication at the end of a test. If the cable has failed the EazyLAN will indicate ...

loop impedance tester / cabling / compact
loop impedance tester

The Pertronic Loop Cable Tester is a tool for testing loop wiring in analogue addressable fire alarm systems. It is designed for validating new loop cabling prior to connecting to a fire ...