Capacitive proximity sensors

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capacitive proximity sensor / cylindrical M18 / IP67 / with switching function
capacitive proximity sensor

Measuring range: 8 mm - 15 mm

M18 series Capacitive proximity sensor Economy price Capacitive proximity sensors with long sensing range Plastic body Body length:80mm Shielded ...

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capacitive proximity sensor / cylindrical / waterproof
capacitive proximity sensor
S51 xx series

Measuring range: 0 mm - 25 mm

... permits a sensor to be rapidly removed for testing without the loss of material and protects the sensor from abrasion. The use of the housing can help to eliminate variation in the sensitivity of the ...

capacitive proximity sensor / cylindrical
capacitive proximity sensor

Measuring range: 8 mm - 30 mm

The Eaton E53 Tubular capacitive sensors are applicable for liquid level control and for sensing crushed or fragmented materials. It can detect any metallic and non-metallic materials. It has a built-in ...

capacitive proximity sensor / square / programmable
capacitive proximity sensor

The ISL29501 is a Time of Flight (ToF) based signal processing integrated circuit. The sensor enables low cost, low power and long range optical distance sensing when combined with an external emitter and detector. The ...