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circular saw / for steel / for extrusion lines
circular saw

Circular saw blade diameter: 20 in
Round piece diameter: 6 in

The Bessemer Series Servo, Table-Equipped, Traveling Up Cut Saw provides optimum cutting of a wide range of extrudate. A 7” color touch screen PLC control and use interface ensures easy set-up and recipe management. ...

circular saw / hydraulic
circular saw

Three great tools for tree pruning and brush clearing are the CR27 Circle Saw, CS25/CS28 Pole Chain Saw, and PR41 Pruner. These tools are ideal for right-of-way crews, utilities, parks departments, and ...

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Stanley Infrastructure
sliding table saw / panel / wood / automatic
sliding table saw

... possible price: the smallest saw in the HOMAG range is equipped as standard with everything you need for cutting single panels and small batches. The SAWTEQ B-130 panel saw costs hardly any more than ...

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circular saw / wood / compact
circular saw

Circular saw blade diameter: 190 mm

This 1250W Circular Saw is compact and lightweight, ideal for accurate rip, cross and bevel cutting applications. Simply change blades between application with the easily accessible spindle lock, and ...

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Black & Decker
band saw / cut-off / for metals / automatic
band saw
V-180, V-300/350


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sliding table saw / wood / heavy-duty
sliding table saw

Circular saw blade diameter: 10 in

... Portable Table Saw with Stand is equipped with a 4000 RPM motor. It features an updated table saw utility vehicle that provides single-point release for simple 1-step setup and great job site portability. ...

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Ridge Tool
circular saw / for steel / cordless
circular saw
DCS372B, DCS372KA, DCS373B

Circular saw blade diameter: 6 in

FEATURES Powerful 400 MWO, 3700 rpm motor delivers power and speed to make the most demanding cuts with ease 5-1/2" 30T carbide-tipped metal cutting blade quickly and cleanly cuts a variety of metallic construction materials ...

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DEWALT Industrial Tool
circular saw / wood / cordless / trimming
circular saw

The Craftsman C3 19.2-Volt 6 1/2-in. Circular Saw offers the power and versatility to get the job done. A redesigned side-mounting battery interface improves balance and increases user comfort. A powerful ...

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sliding table saw / automatic / with touch screen control
sliding table saw
F 45 ProDrive

... are displayed clearly on the screen, which has a 90 mm diagonal. The green keys give you access to the following functions: saw blade height and tilt (up to 46° in either direction) plus, depending on machine specification, ...

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circular saw / hydraulic
circular saw

... cutting laminate tops for sinks. Change to a 2" diameter metal cutting blade and cut up to 16 gauge C.R. mild steel. The saw head features a compact blade guard that follows a line with ease, cutting within 1/2’ ...

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Kett Tool
circular saw / for PVC / for pipes / automatic
circular saw
TP series

Round piece diameter: 16 mm - 2,000 mm

Planetary saws, equipped with disk and milling cutter for cut and chamfering of PVC pipes (rigid and foam) or other plastic materials; Swift replacement of tools, even with pipe in movement; Pipe blocking vices or universal ...

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ipm srl
sliding table saw / wood / for panels / precision
sliding table saw
Active 400

sliding table circular sawAccuracy and reliabilityActive 400 is the sliding table circular saw that provides the highest levels of quality, precision and accuracy. It is the ideal machine ...

circular saw / for metals / fully-automatic / high-speed
circular saw
HCS 75 NC, HCS 120 NC

Round piece diameter: 10 mm - 120 mm

Fully Automatic NC Circular Cold SawsHCS 75 NC • 120 NCOur high-speed NC circular cold saw will cut 3″ bar into 2″ lengths at a rate of 500/hour!At 24″ cut lengths, it will still produce ...

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KAAST Machine Tools Inc.
cut-off saw / automatic
cut-off saw
CUT 400 A

Circular saw blade diameter: 400 mm

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circular saw / for metals
circular saw
CPO 275

Round piece diameter: 25 mm - 86 mm

Manual Double Self-Centering Vise Assures Burr-Free Cuts Miter Capabilities 45 degrees Left and 45 degrees Right Miter Locking Device: Quick, Qccurate Setting-Stops at 45 Degrees Left, Straight 90 Degrees, and 45 Degrees Right Operator ...

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Scotchman Industries
cut-off saw / for PVC / for aluminum / semi-automatic
cut-off saw

Circular saw blade diameter: 30 mm

Description Automatic positioning double-head cutting off machine Materials Aluminium PVC Applications Cutting Technical specifications Min cut length : 320 mm on table Max cut length : 4,000-5,000-6,000 mm ...

circular saw / for plastics / for non-ferrous materials / wood
circular saw

Veneer saw with electric feed The veneer saw LZ5-2E has been designed for seamless, splinter-proof cutting of: veneers, plastics, plastic-coated boards, acrylic glass, wooden materials, non-ferrous ...

circular saw / miter / for non-ferrous metals
circular saw
TL 250

Circular saw blade diameter: 250 mm

Manual Mitre Saw for Materials Up to Ø 75 mm saw blade: Ø 250 mm Suitable for single cuts and processing small batches Work safely at workbench or work table Transportable for use in ...

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cut-off saw / for sample preparation / automatic
cut-off saw
TechCut 5™

Round piece diameter: 63 mm

A versatile, programmable precision high speed saw designed to cut a wide variety and size of materials. The TechCut 5™ automatically sections materials at high speeds, increasing sample throughput. The microprocessor-based ...

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Allied High Tech Products inc.
cut-off saw / for hoses
cut-off saw

Circular saw blade diameter: 1 in - 2 in

Description: Designed to cut 1 & 2 braid hydraulic hose up to 1-1/2" ID and up to 1-1/4" 4 Spiral Hose. Features: 1-HP Single Phase 60 Hz 115 VAC 3450 RPM w/10" scalloped blade 85 lbs

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circular sawing machine / for plastics / for flexible PU foam blocks / fully-automatic
circular sawing machine
V 117

... machine consists of a laterally adjustable trimming unit running on rails. The advance movement is realized via handwheel, the sawing width can be read via counter or scale. The trimming unit can be combined with several ...

circular saw / wood / single-blade / automatic
circular saw
UniRip 310

The new UniRip 310 is the ideal fixed arbor ripsaw for small businesses with high expectations on quality and the focus on simple applications. The machine stands out through its robustness and the ease of operation. With a cutting height ...

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circular saw / for aluminum / pneumatic
circular saw

Circular saw blade diameter: 2 in

This circular saw is designed to make precise, controlled cuts in aluminum panels up to 5/16" thick. Cutting face high-luster, burr-free edge that does not require any additional filing or cleanup. ...

circular saw / for metals / for plastics / for tubes
circular saw

Circular saw blade diameter: 355 mm
Round piece diameter: 102, 125, 140 mm

... operation •Patented quick-release vice for bevel cuts •Heavy duty angle cutting at 90-75-60-45° •Fitted with a Ø 355/90T HM saw blade •Optional stand for a comfortable and save work place •CE approved operating system Specifications ...

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JEPSON POWER/Routexport >Agencies
circular saw / ripping / for extrusion lines / automatic
circular saw

Round piece diameter: 0 mm - 125 mm

Cutting Unit - Masfen planetary saw cuts the pipe at desired lenght, without any burr. - Cutting speed during cutting is synchronous with the line speed by PLC, so accurate length is provided. - Pipe length to be cut ...