Compact dryers

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desiccant dryer / batch / for plastic pellets / dehumidifying
desiccant dryer
AD series

... microprocessor control for process temperature and desiccant regeneration. With high performance features in a simple, compact design, AD Series dryers from AEC combine superior performance with easy ...

centrifugal dryer / batch / for plastic pellets / cleaning
centrifugal dryer
CENTRO series

... characteristics and efficient servicing. The extremely compact design combined with the clever idea of dismounting the rotor element through the opening of the dryer door make CENTRO the centrifugal dryer ...

dry air dryer / continuous / for plastic pellets / dehumidifying
dry air dryer

... dependent dryer adjustments Maintenance-free Compressed air based granulate dryer / dry-air dryer Selectable drying programmes JETBOXX® Control Perfect drying result by throughput-/ ...

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HELIOS Gerätebau für Kunststofftechnik GmbH
paddle dryer / hot air / batch / for the chemical industry
paddle dryer

MULTIPLE PROCESSES IN ONE MACHINE ONLY The NARA Paddle Dryer once was designed as an indirect dryer. Since that time its application is diversified from basic process applications like drying, heating ...

fluidized bed dryer / continuous / for the paper industry / compact
fluidized bed dryer

High Performance Compact (HPCTM) Dryer from Spooner features a wide range of airbar mechanisms engineered to match the whole of transforming applications. Each spooner air flotation mechanism consists ...

dewatering system for the food industry / compact / stainless steel
dewatering system for the food industry
DEW/M series

Thanks to their compact and very small dimensions, the dewatering of the DEW / M series are particularly suitable for the first step of drying of the product before entering the tunnel, providing an excellent ...

compact dryer
compact dryer

Features: Compact design All models complete with regeneration package AutoDew as standard feature Available in automatic and manual versions Integrated or remote control panel available Applications: Low to medium ...

mixer dryer / vacuum / conduction / batch
mixer dryer

Conical Mixer Dryer “RIBOCONE” is a multi-purpose equipment that can be used for mixing, drying, cooling, vacuum drying, filtration & (vacuum) drying and heating treatment (for decreasing of viable cells, for crystallization, ...

fluidized bed dryer / batch / compact
fluidized bed dryer

Watchdog Oil Dryers Watchdog Oil Dryers are a passive drying system designed for bearing housings and other applications where moisture condensation must be minimized. Relative humidity ...

centrifugal dryer / batch / for the food industry / cleaning
centrifugal dryer
Nextra compact

The Nextra Compact is a fully automatic batch system designed for high capacity dewatering while maintaining gentle handling of the product. With an emphasis on simple, robust, sanitary construction, the automatic spin ...

desiccant dryer / compact / modular
desiccant dryer
PNEUDRI series

Large flow modular compressed air dryers providing pressure dew points of -70°C and -40°C with flow rates up to 2040 m³/hr @ 7 barg, even greater flow rates can be achieved by multi-banking the dryers.

heating disc dryer / rotary / dehumidifying / compact
heating disc dryer

Disc dryers are suitable for drying granular, as well as spontaneous running welds in humid conditions. Typical applications for the system include mud, animal meal, bio fuels, etc.. The system dries the welds by ...

fluidized bed dryer / vacuum / batch / laboratory
fluidized bed dryer
FBD 2000

The Fluid Bed Dryer FBD 2000 is a compact, portable dryer. Its powerful air delivery system makes drying a very fast operation. The fluidisation mixes and separates the particles, minimising ...

dry air dryer / batch / curing / compact
dry air dryer
199 999

... distribution over the entire length • The heat instantly works its way effectively through the material to be dried • Extremely small layer thickness (25 mm) in each compartment around the heating chamber, thereby enabling ...

rotary drum dryer / spray / compact / vertical
rotary drum dryer

Perfect impregnation, smoothening, and fastening Increased level of competence for nonwoven finishing Apart from web bonding processes, Trützschler Nonwovens also has decades of experience in various other methods of nonwoven finishing. Impregnating The ...

vacuum dryer / continuous / compact / stainless steel
vacuum dryer

Vacuum Strand Dryer Designed for 24/7 operation and very low noise levels, this vacuum strand dryer has been recognized by many compounders as the preferred method for drying strands. Built on a compact ...

hot air dryer / batch / cleaning / compact
hot air dryer
D series

Heated Hot Air Parts Dryer Our hot air parts dryers are allow for baskets of manufactured parts which are process through aqueous parts washers to be dried thoroughly. Made of 100% stainless steel construction, ...

compact dewatering system
compact dewatering system

... allows the filtered water to flow freely out through the Geotextile fabric to disperse into the surrounding ground •Light, compact and easy to store •Accommodates up to 102mm diameter discharge hose •Single use only •Dimensions ...

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Fosse Liquitrol
dry air drying system / continuous / for the food industry / compact
dry air drying system
Type DDS-900

... vegetables, also available for hard vegetables. Additional specifications: Low energyconsumption. The Eillert belt drying system is carried out with blower units, of which the strength of the air flow can be ...

hot air dryer / compact
hot air dryer
Concept 301 D

A compact dryer with six drawers for flexographic plates 900 x 1200 mm (36 x 48") Designed to provide maximum consistency in air distribution and drying uniformity Representing the most advanced generation ...

hot air dryer / batch / laboratory / compact
hot air dryer

The QSL-1 hot air dryer is a laboratory device intended for drying laboratory glassware of any kind. Its compact and simple construction allows the user simultaneous and fast drying of large numbers of ...