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colony counter / digital / automatic
colony counter
Scan 4000

Scan 4000 is an ultra HD automatic colony counter and inhibition zone reader. Adapted to all sizes of Petri dishes and media, its lighting system guarantees a great user comfort, high accuracy and excellent reproducibility.

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hour counter / digital / electronic / programmable
hour counter
48 x 96 mm, 6 VA | DF 60F

Microprocessor counter - Dimensions (mm): 48x96. - 6 Digit visualisation in positive, 51/2 in negative: 999999 / -199999. - Settable decimal point. - Count for bidirectional and unidirectional encoder, proximity, ...

photon counter / liquid scintillation (LSC)
photon counter
300 SL

The most advanced, transportable and user-friendly LSC on the market Advanced The Hidex 300 SL is a revolutionary instrument which incorporates the most advanced technology available, triple-to-double coincidence ratio (TDCR) counting. ...

positive displacement counter / dry dial / multi-jet vane wheel / water
positive displacement counter

- Dry type, magnetic coupling - Accuracy: acc. ISO4064 (2005) DN15-DN40 R80, DN50 R50 - Maximum pressure and temperature: MAP 16, MAT 50 - Optional pulse output via reed switch on request - Leak detector

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Raphael Valves Industries
water counter / positive displacement / dry dial / single-jet vane wheel
water counter
CLXC-C1 Series

Model Series CLXC-C1 meters are single-jet dry type totalizing water meters. They are an ideal choice for a range of water use monitoring applications, as well as many OEM and industrial applications where keeping track of consumed water ...

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particle counter / digital / laser / portable
particle counter
Lasair® III 110

... Lasair III 110 Airborne Particle Counter offers reduced operating costs and the reliability and longevity to support its three-year laser warranty. The Lasair III 110 Aersosol Particle Counter can ...

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Particle Measuring Systems
digital meter / electronic / electrostatic charge / industrial
digital meter

The EX715 Static Meter has been developed to investigate industrial static electricity problems and has been certified for use in hazardous areas. The EX715 meter can show where and how the static electricity ...

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Fraser Anti-Static Techniques
surge current counter / digital / electronic / battery-powered
surge current counter

Amp counters The counters designed to measure the direct current absorbed by the surfaces placed in the plating bath are either recessed or come in a case and are available in various versions. The ...

binary counter / digital / electronic / 7-segment
binary counter
96x48 mm | M2, M3, PM5 series

This digital indicator is a 5-digit meter for measuring power / weight via strain gauges with switching contact for 80% alignment and a visual limit value monitoring via the display. The configuration happens via four ...

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electronics counter / digital / infrared / contact
electronics counter

GC-12 component counter is a reliable and easy-to-use reel system for any Axial, Radial or SMD device. Four (4) digit LCD display Forward / Reverse function makes counting foolproof Counts taped SMD, Axial and Radial ...

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APS Novastar
binary counter / digital / electronic / programmable
binary counter
DC50 series

The DC50 series counter has frontal dimensions of 48 x 48 mm (1/16 DIN 43700). This digital counter has multiple functions, being utilized for metering the functions of pulses, frequency, totals, distances, ...

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cell counter / digital / laser / for liquids
cell counter
Somacount FCM

The Somacount FCM delivers the ultimate efficiency and accuracy in early mastitis detection. This instrument provides a rapid and accurate count for the SCC (somatic cell count) in dairy milk. This instrument represents the latest in ...

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Bentley Instruments
airborne particle counter / digital / portable
airborne particle counter

Using an ergonomic and lightweight design, the Lighthouse Handheld 3013 is ideal for use where a smaller lightweight handheld counter is needed. Offering 3 channels of simultaneous particle counting, the Handheld 3013 ...

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Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
digital counter / multifunction / programmable / industrial
digital counter
QUA series

The Quasar Counter is a rugged, full-featured industrial family of counters. A special design that enables all presets at the same time is what sets this model apart for applications that do not follow ...

alpha-beta counter / digital / for samples
alpha-beta counter

... sources. The following design variants are available: ▪ АТ1319 Sample Counter (alpha beta) ▪ АТ1319А Sample Counter (alpha) ▪ АТ1319B Sample Counter (beta) OPERATING PRINCIPLE Sample ...

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colony counter / digital / electronic / automatic
colony counter

software for selection according to colour, size and shape l light-proof sample chamber with CCD-Firewire-camera (colour) l image acquisition and simultaneous evalution within seconds l tables and images may be stored digitally l ...

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schuett biotec GmbH
particle counter / digital / laser / portable
particle counter

This laser diode and isokinetic particle counter will classify particles by size (2 channels) after one minute of sampling (other time periods can be set).It can be used for checking clean rooms, hospitals, nurseries, ...

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Cleanair Europe
colony counter / digital / electronic
colony counter
Quebec® Darkfield

The Reichert Quebec® Darkfield Colony Counter allows you to easily and accurately count bacteria colonies. It comes with an adjustable dish holder that can accommodate round dishes with diameters as small as 100 mm, and ...

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airborne particle counter / digital / electronic / portable
airborne particle counter
ISO21501-4, ISO 14644, FS 209E, BS 5295, EC GMP | 3910/3905

The 3910 50 LPM model, and the 3905 1CFM model are manufactured by Kanomax, and is a portable particle counter that complies with the ISO 21501-4 and 21 CFR Part 11 standards. The units have a compact, and lightweight ...

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Kanomax USA
pulse counter / analog / mechanical / Woltman type turbine
pulse counter
WP series

The counters in the WP series are suitable dosage and totalisation of industrial waters. diameters DN40 - DN400 pressure from PN10 - PN40 flow rates from 0.8 to 3.000 m³ / h AF up to 50 °C AC up to 90 °C special versions ...

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Craind Impianti
tachometer counter / analog / mechanical / for molding machines
tachometer counter

... Progressive’s patented R-Series CounterView counter to the mold, especially when space is a factor. The blocks can be attached to the mold or Guide Pin Blocks in either direction, using either the right or left round ...

tachometer counter / analog / mechanical
tachometer counter
2119 20x series

Zero setting with lever Lever pluggable at left or right Addition in one direction, subtraction with reverse turn ABS housing, mounting plate steel Delivered in individual packages without measuring wheel

electronics counter / digital / electronic
electronics counter
Ebsomat 30-1

... 2008 with new feature of a multiplier to count taped SMD component with sizes of 0402 or even 0201. Furthermore has the EBSO counter new machine diagnostic features and is easier to operate. Capacity and Equipment - ...

pulse counter / binary / digital / electromagnetic
pulse counter

The F3X instrument is a mono-bidirectional display unit with microprocessor with five-digit with sign display (reading scale ± 99.999). It is particularly suitable for the measurement of linear and angular dimensions with signals supplied ...

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photon counter / laser
photon counter

COUNT on us! The COUNT® photon counter features the highest quantum efficiency available and record-breaking dark count rates. Facts about the COUNT® Photon Counter Laser Components single photon counting ...

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Laser Components GmbH