Crates on casters

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aluminum crate / storage / transport / handling
aluminum crate
G®-roll BOX A 1599 R series

Height: 373, 403 mm
Length: 1,055, 950 mm
Width: 450, 385 mm

... scratch-resistant surface. The aluminium roller box is fitted with 2 wheels and is easy to move around, even when fully loaded. This box has proven its quality over many years. Advantages of the G®-roll ...

plastic crate / for small parts / foodstuffs / stackable
plastic crate
DELTA series

Height: 300, 200, 195, 257 mm
Length: 400, 510, 447, 610 mm
Width: 425, 314, 300, 415 mm

The Martini Alfredo Delta Series, generally applicable for small-sized metal products as well as pharmaceuticals, are stack-able containers equipped with side handles. This series of containers is available in a variation made from non-toxic ...

plastic crate / storage / stacking / with handles
plastic crate
Delta Mec 400x300

Height: 90, 120, 140, 170, 220 mm
Length: 300 mm
Width: 200 mm

Ultra-sturdy containers made of shockproof material inert to acids and solvents and resistant to clamp. With a lid that sits on or slides on to the top.

plastic crate / handling / with handles / with lid
plastic crate
OMIKRON series

Height: 165, 410, 550, 560 mm
Length: 300, 600, 800, 780 mm
Width: 200, 400, 375, 600 mm

Containers suitable for handling and storing. Resistant to temperatures from -10°C to 100°C. They are nestable and when empty occupy less space.

metal crate / storage / transport / handling
metal crate
VP Series

Height: 560 mm
Length: 600, 800 mm
Width: 800, 1,200 mm

metal crate / heavy haul / handling / industrial
metal crate
MBA Series

Height: 690, 840 mm
Length: 825, 800, 1,000 mm
Width: 670, 1,000, 1,200 mm

The MANUBOX metal crate has been specially designed for the transport and handling of industrial parts. Case in ribbed sheet metal Stacking's lyres on the small sides Slinging in two points Stacking ...

plastic crate / storage / with lid / on casters
plastic crate
E9xx series

Height: 540 mm - 940 mm
Length: 600 mm - 1,350 mm
Width: 460 mm - 710 mm

Trucks bring a considerable reduction in working time as carrying of the goods is no longer necessary. They are available with nylon or rubber castors. Handles in the respective container color or in black can be retrofitted. These handles ...

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MI Mailbox International GmbH
plastic crate / storage / on casters
plastic crate
R95xT series

Height: 730, 635 mm
Length: 1,320, 875 mm
Width: 710 mm

The wide range of different plastic trucks is very versatile. Textile industry, handicraft, food industry, parts manufacturing, industry - all will find the suitable truck. The capacity of the different plastic trucks varies. Our smallest ...

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MI Mailbox International GmbH
plastic crate / storage / foodstuffs / with lid
plastic crate
R20xx series

Height: 660, 460 mm
Length: 610, 540 mm
Width: 370, 470, 570, 1,400 mm

Rollers for e.g. Ingredients in the food industry, but also for many other fields of application.

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MI Mailbox International GmbH
polyester crate / fiberglass / composite / storage
polyester crate

Height: 46 cm - 128 cm
Length: 88 cm - 211 cm
Width: 57 cm - 148 cm

plastic crate / storage / transport / stacking
plastic crate

Height: 53 cm
Length: 80 cm
Width: 60 cm

CEMbox, PE - grey/orange or yellow box made of high-grade PE - for transport and storage of tools and small parts - ideal length for shovels as well - side door optional (750 l box) - optimal dimensions for flatbed ...

PP crate / interlocking / on casters
PP crate

Height: 610 mm
Length: 842 mm
Width: 596 mm

Space-saving container, PP, silver grey RAL 7001, 4 steering casters, thereof 1 with brake, Ø 75 mm, push bar, mounted

plastic crate / storage / transport / stacking
plastic crate
basicline plus

Length: 800 mm
Width: 600 mm

The new containers in the basicline plus series with basic dimensions of 800 x 600 mm offer room for transporting and storing large goods of all kinds. The large containers are available in many variants. The stable containers are ...

isothermal crate / steel / transport / dry ice
isothermal crate

Height: 800 mm
Length: 860 mm
Width: 810 mm

We would like to present you our product : an isothermal container for dry ice that holds up to 150 litres. This carefully constructed container is fully resisted to atmospheric conditions. It is portable and equppied with two possible ...

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storage crate / polyethylene / for food applications / with lid
storage crate

Height: 714 mm
Length: 600 mm
Width: 355 mm

... To assist with product identification we can supply a full labelling facility and where colour coding may be important this mobile ingredient bin can be supplied in a wide range of colours including yellow, white/natural, ...

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Fletcher European Containers Ltd
sheet metal crate / handling / on casters
sheet metal crate
Bin 037

This unit was designed to be more then just a box. By adding casters, a tongue and hitch and roll over trunions this unit can be towed like a train and then rotated to be dumped

stainless steel crate / with lid / on casters
stainless steel crate
Bac Europe

Capacity: 120, 200, 300 l