IR flow regulator / for high-viscosity liquids / for chemicals / digital
IR flow regulator
PSF21x series

Flow rate: 30 l/h - 1,200 l/h
Pressure: 12 bar
Nominal diameter: 1 in

... that activates when either of the programmable alarm limits is reached. PSF21x can be used as a flow meter, flow transmitter with pulse output, ON/OFF flow controller, or alarm unit suitable ...

thermal mass flow controller / for liquids / digital
thermal mass flow controller
DF-200C, DF-250C series

Flow rate: 1 l/h - 600 l/h
Pressure: 50,000 Pa - 500,000 Pa

Digital Mass Flow Controller The DF-200 series is a high performance digital mass flow controller with ±1%S.P. accuracy and ≤1 sec ...

differential pressure flow regulator / for liquids / coolant / for injection molding machines
differential pressure flow regulator

Flow rate: 2 l/min - 15 l/min
Nominal diameter: 0, 1 in

... subsequent production runs. The FLOWCON plus water flow controller also makes it possible to connect 4 x 12 circuits together by means of data cables. Operating temperature max. 120 °C ...

mass flow controller / for gas / digital
mass flow controller
FMA5400A / FMA5500A

The gas mass flow controllers of FMA5400A/5500A Series provide for controlling the flow of a wide variety of gases from 0-10 SCCM up to 100 SLM. Utilizing heat transfer through a heated ...

volumetric flow regulator / differential pressure / Venturi / for air
volumetric flow regulator

Pressure: 0 Pa - 1,000 Pa
Nominal diameter: 50 mm - 1,000 mm

Compact volume (air) flow controller ExReg-V.. for applications in hazardous locations in zone 1, 2, 21, 22 for control of air flows (CAV/VAV) in ventilation systems ...