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disc sander / electric / for wood / heavy-duty
disc sander

Power: 0.5 ch
Disc diameter: 12 in
Rotational speed: 0 rpm - 1,725 rpm

... which stops the sanding disc in seconds. The heavy-duty steel disc plate features a 12" diameter with an 80 grit abrasive disc for fast efficient sanding. Features • Heavy duty cast ...

disc sander / electric / for wood / with dust extraction system
disc sander
ERS 180

Disc diameter: 7 in
Rotational speed: 0 rpm - 1,450 rpm

... a woodworking sander, the ERS 180 is a rotary sander ideal for sanding coated wood surfaces - especially stairs, floors and clapboard. This wood sander also works on plastics, fiberglass ...

disc sander / electric / low-vibration
disc sander
DG-500 / DG-500HD

Power: 2 ch
Rotational speed: 1,750 rpm

... so choose a large-diameter disc grinder that fits right in with your high standards. The DG-500 is built to last, designed to minimize delays, and made from only the highest-quality manufacturing processes. Disc ...

disc sander / electric / for concrete floors / wall and ceiling
disc sander
EBS 125.4 O

Power: 1,500 W
Disc diameter: 125 mm
Rotational speed: 10,000 rpm

Use: - Grinding and smoothing of surfaces - Removing of screed seams, residual mud, plaster and coatings - Preparing of surfaces, e.g. for tile renovation - Concrete, screed, tile adhesive, plaster, paint, coatings, ...

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disc sander / belt / electric / for wood
disc sander
SFS81 series

Power: 4.3 kW

Servo Finishing Stand The PushCorp SBS81 Servo Finishing Stand combines compliant force control with a high-torque servo motor. This precise force and speed control allows you to achieve unprecedented levels of quality and consistency. The ...

disc sander / electric
disc sander
BFF 222

Power: 800 W

The BAIER's BFF 222 series precise milling machines can be used for a wide range of applications, such as interior or exterior areas, house facades, concrete walls, floor pavements, industrial floors, oil or flax colors, adhesive left-overs, ...

disc sander / electric / grinder / with dust collector
disc sander
TCG series

Power: 1,050 W - 2,600 W
Disc diameter: 125 mm - 180 mm
Rotational speed: 6,500 rpm - 10,500 rpm

... integrated dust shroud are perfect for a wide variety of grinding and levelling applications. Available in 125mm and 180mm disc diameter, the high power 110V & 230V grinders are perfect for the preparation of edges and ...

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disc sander / pneumatic / high-performance / dual-action
disc sander

Rotational speed: 8,500 rpm

The DAC-066S is a compact dual action disc sander. It is very light and features a low barycentered design that offers improved balance and stability for easier handling. It is also equipped with a high ...

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disc sander / pneumatic / palm
disc sander

Rotational speed: 12,000 rpm

... Unconventional palm sander tuned by our master! More torque, more durable and less air consumption! Top class balance provides the smoothest sanding process ever! Upgrade fine finishing to the next level! Experince the ...

disc sander
disc sander
TS-500 / TS-600

For surface machining glass and ceramics with diamond TrizactTM, silicon, felt, abrasive and polishing discs.

grinder sander / belt / disc / electric
grinder sander
BBG 60

Power: 750 W

General Specifications A combination of belt grinder and disk sander Smart dimensions and easy to carry Portable belt sander is small, light and easy to carry The combination of BBG 60 abrasive band ...

belt sander / disc / electric / vertical
belt sander

Rotational speed: 3,450 rpm

The 2SK7 is an equipment designed with an integration of combination sander and grinding wheel. This 2-in-1 machine utilizes the sander in various types of positions and rotates the head to the desired ...

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Kalamazoo Industries
belt sander / disc / electric / vertical
belt sander

Power: 0.3 ch
Disc diameter: 8 in
Rotational speed: 1,725 rpm

Abrasive belt unit does the work of a jig-saw, copying saw or hand file while removing material and finishing at the same time, allows the operator to get into small oppenings plus handle odd shapes and angles Deluxe miter gauge ...

disc sander / random orbital / for wood
disc sander
DiscMaster 3DBB 1850

... solution works for Georgian style windows, shutters, frames, strips and inside doors. The unit uses 22 offset excenter discs, which have a sanding strip so that the user can sand the surface and seamlessly crossover ...

belt sander / disc / for wood / heavy-duty
belt sander

Disc diameter: 8 in
Rotational speed: 3,450 rpm

... Grinding Or Finishing of Outside, Curves Or Odd Shaped Work Pieces on the Belt, Grind, Sand Or Finish Large Work Pieces on the Disc Unit Fast and Efficiently, Combined With the Tilting Table, the Operator Has the Advantage ...

disc sander / electric
disc sander
DSM 400

Power: 2.2 kW
Rotational speed: 600 rpm

Floor grinder The floor grinder for versatile use in floor restoration. Ideal for level grinding, surface preparation and coating removal. Equipped with innovative technology with regard to ergonomics, low vibration and simple control, ...

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disc sander / pneumatic
disc sander

Disc diameter: 50 mm - 75 mm
Rotational speed: 15,000 rpm

Spindle size:1/4" unc Disc size mm:50+75 Orbit: Luchtaansluiting BSP:1/4" Min. hose size mm:6 Speed rpm:15000 Length mm:115 Width mm:38 Height mm:146 Intrastat: 84671110 Weight kg:0.8 Warranty:24 Months

disc sander / electric
disc sander

Power: 4.1 kW
Rotational speed: 1,070 rpm

Grinding of concrete surfaces. (Shopping malls, hospitals...) Removal of surface coatings adhesives, road markings and contaminates. (Factory floors, car parks...) Scarifying to remove oil/dirt build up. (Airports, car parks...) ...

disc sander / electric / for wood / tilting
disc sander
TIBA 600

Power: 2.2 kW
Disc diameter: 600 mm

Disc Ø 600 mm Large size abrasive disc 150mm Belt length 1860 mm Worktable dimensions 700x350 mm Fence on sanding table can be tilted from 0° to 45° Tilting worktable, angles from 0° to 45° Working ...

belt sander / disc / electric / for wood
belt sander

Power: 550 W

A small universal sanding machine/disk sander for workshops and joiner’s shops. The sanding machine/disk sander is designed for smaller joiner’s shops. Small overall dimensions enable very high machine ...

belt sander / disc / electric
belt sander

Rotational speed: 2,200 rpm

6'' Disc / 4" x 36" Belt Sander Delivers Precision Sanding to Your Shop Fine shaping, smooth finishes and jobs well done start with solid tools like the Craftsman 1/3 hp bench top belt & disc ...

belt sander / disc / electric
belt sander

Power: 350 W
Disc diameter: 150 mm
Rotational speed: 1,450, 282 rpm

Belt sander machine with abrasive disc Description and Accessories Cast iron body. Wide linishing surface. Rubber supports for grater stability.