ozone gas sensor
ozone gas sensor
53101 series

Ozone Sensors The Dextens ozone sensors are ideal for high-precision measurements under harsh conditions. The measurement range varies from trace to saturation level (0.1 ppb to 400 ppm). Its concept ...

hydrogen gas sensor / thermal conductivity
hydrogen gas sensor

... Conductivity (TCD) Gas Sensor for Hydrogen (H2), Helium (He), Argon(Ar) applications - K522 Proven TCD technology from gas analyser experts Non-depleting, ...

fuel gas sensor
fuel gas sensor

Catalytic Bead Sensors General Monitors' electrocatalytic gas sensors are supplied as original equipment on all of our products worldwide. The sensor's sensitivity, ...

spring-loaded gas sensor / exhaust
spring-loaded gas sensor

... the sensor to vibrate due to gas flow velocities and input vibrations from the turbine. The tip of the sensor then breaks, causing the sensor to fail and the gas ...

VOC gas sensor / semiconductor
VOC gas sensor

... multi-pixel gas sensor SGP opens up new possibilities for the measurement of indoor air quality. The long-term stable metal-oxide gas sensor features ...

infrared gas sensor
infrared gas sensor

... with PVPRO, PWPRO, pCO family; Complies with standards F-GAS and EN378 – ASHRAE 15 ; The infrared version offers: Accuracy in detecting low-loss (ppm); Calibration that reacts only to the specific gas; Stability ...

ozone gas sensor
ozone gas sensor

... correlation between the gas concentration and the resistance value of the oxide semiconductor (the sensor resistance value). Therefore, gas concentration ...