Grinding wheels

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surfacing wheel / cylindrical / diamond
surfacing wheel

Metal Bond Diamond SD Milling Wheels Premium fast grinding metal bond diamond milling wheels for use on all popular CNC/Semi Automatic Machines for recessing sunken granite drainers in ...

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DK Holdings
surface treatment wheel / flat / diamond
surface treatment wheel

Diameter: 4, 5, 7 mm

... Diamond concentration for long life and aggressive material removal Large Grinding segments with heat treated steel bodies which provides increases durability and wheel life

dressing wheel / flat / diamond / metal
dressing wheel

Diameter: 115 mm - 178 mm

Tools Grinding equipment from Gerima come in four models: TGD-D, TGD-S, TGD-F, and TGD-H. All of the models have a graining of G35. The equipment feature a reduced sparking and high performance capacity. They can ...

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cut-off wheel / flat / aluminum alloy
cut-off wheel
Premier RedCut

Diameter: 4 in - 6 in

... angle grinder cut-off wheels exceling on a broad range of materials, from alloys and stainless to gray iron. Zirconia alumina/aluminum oxide abrasive blend provides longer life and faster cut rate than standard aluminum ...

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Saint Gobain Abrasives BV
surface treatment wheel / flat / stainless steel
surface treatment wheel

Diameter: 7, 4.5, 5, 6 in

... of both flat and curved surfaces Less risk of gouging compared to traditional grinding wheels Materials Stainless steel Steel Applications Grinding ...

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surfacing wheel / peripheral / metal / vitrified
surfacing wheel

Metal bond wheels have excellent grit retention and wear resistance compared to resin bond wheels and vitrified bond wheels. They have a long life-time in processing machine materials ...

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ASAHI Diamond
finishing wheel / cylindrical / metal
finishing wheel

Diameter: 51, 50 mm

Unitised Wheels - Excellent aggressive performing product with a controllable and consistent metal removable ability

deburring grinding wheel / cutting / flat
deburring grinding wheel

Diameter: 125 mm

The outstanding features of this roughing disc are its great aggressivity, long service life and material removal performance. Ideal for stainless steel. Best suited for heavy-duty deburring jobs.Features: • For all metals - simplifies ...

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surface treatment wheel / flat
surface treatment wheel
1815 siatop

1815 siatop impresses with its high removal rate, long lifetime and very good finish in a wide range of disc and belt applications.

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sia Abrasives
cutting wheel / tapered
cutting wheel

FITTED ON: ECO - SPECIAL - POKER Grinding wheels for edges A, B, E (material laying on the bench) and C, F, H, L, O, Q and R (material raised on the bench).

cylindrical grinding wheel / finishing / deburring / cutting
cylindrical grinding wheel

Diameter: 115, 230 mm

Standard depressed wheels with medium bonding for general use on a variety of metals. Specification Technical data Unitor high quality cutting and grinding wheels ensure the highest ...

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sharpening wheel / gear / cutting / tapered
sharpening wheel

OFF HAND AND PRECISION TOOL SHARPENING Our research and development can provide you with a wide range of straight wheels and cylinders, wheels tapered one or two sides, straight and flaring cups, dishes ...

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Camfart Mole Abrasive S.r.l.
trimming wheel / cylindrical / ceramic
trimming wheel

Diameter: 150 mm - 300 mm

WHEELS, BRUSHES AND BELTS Wheels, brushes and abrasive belts

cut-off wheel / flat / silicon carbide
cut-off wheel

Diameter: 50 mm - 610 mm

... in disc safety. So we can grant our customers a product offering the best value for money. Cutting discs can be flat (T41) or depressed centre (T42) with diameter from 50 up to 610 mm. They ...

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surface treatment wheel / peripheral / CBN
surface treatment wheel

OOB: CBN for classic resin-bonded grinding wheels. OAB: CBN for intensive applications.

surface treatment wheel / vitrified-bonded CBN
surface treatment wheel

Diameter: 150 mm - 508 mm

Horizontal Surface Grinding Wheels The edge of the wheel is in contact with the workpiece.

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Camel Grinding Wheels
surface treatment wheel / diamond
surface treatment wheel

Diameter: 20, 10 in

DRY/WET Grinding - for Surface Preparation Grinders. Specially designed for fast, clean concrete or asphalt preparation. 10" diameter w/20 Standard segments for fast grinding action. Multiple hole-pattern ...

surface treatment wheel / peripheral / diamond
surface treatment wheel

Diamond grinding wheels are used for machining short-chipping materials such as ceramic, glass, stone, carbide, concrete, hard plastic, carbide/steel composite etc. The units are sensitive to heat and ...

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polishing wheel / flat / peripheral / resin-bonded diamond
polishing wheel

Diameter: 300, 250 mm

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Adi S.p.A.
polishing wheel / metal
polishing wheel

This line is composed of profile wheels with the minimum diameter of 40mm from fast grinding to brilliant polishing thanks to Marmoelettromeccanica patented technologies as Frangistone and Long-life. These ...

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finishing wheel / flat / peripheral / electroplated diamond
finishing wheel

... well as CNC machining centers. The super-abrasive tools have been successful in bringing new efficiency to fine boring and grinding operations. They may also be used on their own to obtain fast stock removal, or as part ...

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Bates Technologies
trimming wheel / deburring / cutting / cylindrical
trimming wheel

... of 1 mm for steel and stainless steel. Flat and depressed center, hard cutting disk range for structural steel. A range of hard grinding disks for structural steel. A range of abrasive flap disks for ...