optical spectrometer / compact / high-resolution / high-sensitivity
optical spectrometer

Wavelength: 350 nm - 880 nm

With its focal length of 75 mm, the Qwave spectrometer offers technical specifications normally found in much larger spectrometers. It features high optical resolution and sensitivity, ...

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ion mobility mass spectrometer / mass / OEM / high-resolution
ion mobility mass spectrometer

... in the field. The high performance Corona Discharge ion source outperforms the conventional ions sources used in IMS and the high ion current is responsible for the ultra-high sensitivity ...

ion mobility mass spectrometer / optical / high-sensitivity
ion mobility mass spectrometer
AirSentry® II

... mobility spectrometers for airborne molecular contamination (AMC) detect and alert users to small concentrations or changes in airborne levels of chlorides, acids, amines and ammonia-containing species. With parts-per-trillion ...

FT-IR spectrometer / high-sensitivity / monitoring / real-time
FT-IR spectrometer
FTIR 7800

Product Description Main Features High sensitivity and stability Intelligent real-time monitoring of instrument status Multiple communication options Flexible and convenient testing Powerful software ...

scintillation spectrometer / gamma / high-sensitivity / monitoring
scintillation spectrometer
AT1320, AT1320A, AT1320B

With expanded nuclide library Highly sensitive selective wide-range spectrometric scintillation gamma activity monitor is intended for measuring volumetric (specific) radionuclide activity in 131I, 134Cs, 137Cs, 40K samples with 1 litre ...

NIR spectrometer / for food analysis / compact / high-sensitivity
NIR spectrometer
SpectraAlyzer TW

Wavelength: 1,400 nm - 2,400 nm

... highest and – what is most important – consistent quality. In order to be most competitive in the world market, consistent high yields, top quality and low production costs are the objectives that need to be achieved. ...

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ZEUTEC Opto-Elektronik GmbH
FT-IR spectrometer / for scientific applications / R&D / laboratory
FT-IR spectrometer
FTIR-4000 Series

... sampling accessories. An optional MCT detector (or other options) can also be added with in the standard instrument for high-sensitivity measurements, complementing the standard DLATGS detector. Expandable ...

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JASCO Europe