Integrated indicators

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status indicator / LED / plug-in
status indicator

... designed for applications in the field of process measuring and control technology. Murrelektronik modules for control technology are practical, useful components for installation in your control ...

voltage indicator / LED / integrated
voltage indicator

Voltage Indicators (VINs) are typically installed in transformers, switchgear and other underground distribution enclosures. They are easily installed on the test point of a 200 A elbow or a 600 A T-body. VINs are line-powered ...

process indicator / digital / panel-mount / integrated
process indicator

... adjustable via the menu. RS232 or 20mA-interface, unlimited series connection possible, with buffered hardware clock and integrated power supply unit. The Network option ANZ14/NET: can act as a slave clock for Meinberg ...

status indicator / LED / integrated
status indicator
6.3 - 10 mm

LED lampholders can be constructed with LEDs and are designed with either black or chrome finishing. They are available in sizes that range from 6.3 to 10 mm. These lampholder are designed in compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous ...

flow indicator / digital / integrated / remote
flow indicator
TC-M10, TC-M20 series

Your benefits Integrated data storage function: No data loss and guaranteed security of the billing data Inquiry voltage for the meter outputs supplied via the remote indicator: ...

position indicator / integrated
position indicator

Some requirements for the correct functioning of the electrical position indicators of the angle seat valve: - Care must be taken in transportation, stocking and installation of the angle seat valve. - An adequate periodical ...

frequency indicator / 6-digit / 4-digit / 7-segment
frequency indicator
57mm, 100mm, 200mm | MG series

This larg-size indicator is a numeric, 4-6-digit LED-display for pulse measuring via NPN/PNP- or Namur-sensors or incremental encoder and is designed for indoor use; outdoor use on demand. The programming happens via ...

status indicator / LED / illuminated / integrated
status indicator
24 V, 0.7 W | PP1-RB

Occupation status indicator for disabled parking spaces, visible from 360º, red-blue colour (2000 mcd). Input power: 24 V DC. Consumption: 0.7 W. Brightness intensity adjustable via the ultrasound sensor.

humidity indicator / integrated
humidity indicator

Combining an Humidity Indicator and Relief Valve have the advantage of only require one hole to be fitted to equipment or containers where space is limited. They are designed for mounting in moisture sensitive electronic ...

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Brownell Diatero
impact indicator / label / plug-in
impact indicator

PROTECT-A-PAK Single Use Indicators are among the world's most famous shipping and handling indicators. The springs used in the indicators are individually tested for optimized accuracy, ...

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IOG Products, LLC - Impact-O-Graph Devices
short-circuit indicator / LED / panel-mount / integrated
short-circuit indicator
VE, FA series

... on the cable. The indicator type VE has a manual reset button. The indicator type FA is gaining energy of the monitored network by a fourth sensor for an automatic reset. (6A service current required). The ...

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Elektro Mechanik
humidity indicator / LED / integrated
humidity indicator

PUREGAS offers moisture indicators to provide an inexpensive way to monitor a dry compressed air system. The moisture indicator should be installed after the air dryer or on the dryer outlet. The Moisture ...

temperature indicator / digital / integrated
temperature indicator
60 VA, 450 x 320 x 35 mm | 10-610-22

... a digital temperature indicator that features a 7-segment display. The display can indicate temperatures ranging from 0 °C up to +50 °C with characters that can be read at a distance of up to 65 m. The unit is ...

clogging indicator / analog / integrated
clogging indicator

Clogging indicators are specifically designed to control and determine the time of changing a filter. These are constructed in a wide array of FILTREC assembly. It is integrated with ...

position indicator / digital / integrated / for valves
position indicator

The Type 2040 - an visual and electronic position indicator for mounting on pneumatic valves with linear or rotary actuator is characterized by a compact design, the possibility to identify the valve position via switch ...

position indicator / digital / direct-reading / integrated
position indicator
GN 000.3

Position indicators GN 000.3 have been shaped for installation into different operating devices. The salient features of these counters are: The housing, the hand spindle, and safety glass are produced from one piece ...

process indicator / universal / current / voltage
process indicator

Analog measured values are indicated, evaluated and calculated by the field indicator. With the integrated loop power supply two-wire sensors can be powered. The universal inputs enable the connection ...

process indicator / universal / current / voltage
process indicator

Analog measured values are indicated, evaluated and calculated by the process meter. With the integrated loop power supply two-wire sensors can be powered. The universal inputs enable the connection of current, voltage, ...

clogging indicator / analog / integrated
clogging indicator

... have the port for the indicator as a standard feature; if the filter is ordered without indicator the port is plugged with a removeable plug allowing the indicator to be added easily ...

temperature indicator / LED / integrated
temperature indicator
Indicatore per SMX

Visual indicator for SMX 08 ÷ SMX 65 distributors Specifications: - Material AISI 316 - Max cycles per minute: 500 - Voltage: 10÷30 - Max output current (mA): 200 - Absorption at 24 V DC (mA): <15 - Temperature ...

weight indicator / LCD display / 6-digit / plug-in
weight indicator

... mode and customizable alarm to facilitate ease of use.. As well as this, IB10-S viewer offers checkweigher. •Weight tare indicator. •ABS housing. IP54 protection •Waterproof keyboard with 5 function keys and ON/OFF ...

process indicator / digital / integrated / with alarm
process indicator
FHT 6020 series

... Display and Alarms are specially designed for use in nuclear facilities, and offer numerous sound and visual warnings and control features for early radiation leak warnings, and measurements for gamma and neutron radiation. ...