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self-retracting lifeline
self-retracting lifeline
400 lbs | FL113

The Miller FL113 MiniLite Fall Limiter is an 11ft self-retracting web lanyard with quick-activitating braking system that limits free falls. In contrast to shock-absorber fall protection lanyards, a fall limiter eliminates the need for ...

self-retracting lifeline
self-retracting lifeline

The main characteristics of KINETIX is its easy handling, low weight and permanently attached anchor hook/swivel snap hook. KINETIX are tough, low maintenance devices, the maximum flexibility range with pulled out webbing is 2.6 m.

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vertical lifeline / self-retracting
vertical lifeline
ST#540 series

ST#540"Self lock"retractor Model Length ST#540-7 7m