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module multiplexer / video / video surveillance
module multiplexer

The ECO line is a low cost entry level, digital solution for small business applications. The ECO line offers many features such as simultaneous record, playback and image archiving, and remote viewing and playback with no loss of performance. ...

module multiplexer / DVB
module multiplexer

PROMAX MX-008 is a compact and cost-effective DVB MPEG-2 TS re-multiplexer which can multiplex up to 8 ASI transport streams and deliver 2 ASI output ports. The combination of PID-packet-exchanging based technology Service, ...

module multiplexer / fiber optic / multi-channel / optical
module multiplexer
2428, 2458

The Model 2428/2458 is a 8 channel communication system giving 8 Bit-Driver connections utilizing one optical link interface. The 2458 gives 8 half duplex Rs485 channels. The information rate must be set at the plant for data rate up ...

module multiplexer / analog / fiber optic / multi-channel
module multiplexer
Cj-MF series

The analog/digital signal fiber optic multiplexer in this series comes with various advantages, including a 4-20mA signal to fiber and a 0-10VDC voltage for the signal. The products in the Cj-mf 61 series are types of ...

module multiplexer / digital
module multiplexer

ATEME MC3100 multiplexer is the simplest, most powerful modular DTV solution for operators with digital service over Satellite, Cable and Terrestrial networks. MC3100 provides easy solution for multiplexing up to 250 ...

board multiplexer / multi-channel / fiber optic
board multiplexer

The FOM-5400 is a 4 channel multiplexer for electrical-to-optical conversions in T/E carrier communications. It features one fiber optic transceiver and four RJ-48C. Its ability to pass on all Alternate Mark Inversion ...

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FiberPlex Technologies, LLC

Features DIN Rail or Panel Mounted compact Port Multiplexer Hardware with three communication ports RS232 support for Master Ports. PLC port with RS232 / RS422 / 2 or 4 wire RS485 / CMOS Connect Two Master devices ...

module multiplexer / fiber optic
module multiplexer
0.1 - 1 Gbps | WDM series

The new BGB Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM) has been designed to compliment the BGB Optilinc FORJ (Fibre Optic Rotary Joint) to convert two fibre (duplex) systems to a single fibre multiwave length system (simplex). ...

module multiplexer / multi-channel
module multiplexer
SW100 series

... Multi-channel Battery Testing Overview The SW1001 is a switch mainframe for housing up to 3 units of SW9001 or SW9002 Multiplexer Module to deliver quick, multi-channel battery testing. Connect up to 2 battery testing ...

module multiplexer / video
module multiplexer

Intelligent Pull-Down Menu Auto Sequence, Video Replay Motion Alarm Set Picture Freeze, Zoom Quad and Single Picture Switch External Video Replay PIP functions Up to 90 Event Records DC12V