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thermographic camera / for gas leak detection / for SF6 gas leak detection / HD
thermographic camera
10-11μm | GL800

• GL800 320×256 pixels cooled QWIP detector, can detect gas leak meantime take infrared image and show real-time temperature of the testing equipment. ◇ Cooled QWIP detector 320x256 ◇ Startup time < 7 min ◇ No need to use laser ...

inspection camera / vision processing / HD / digital
inspection camera
ARIA series

... integrate cameras. Choose between the most common and requested sensors, get all the benefits of USB3 interface and Alkeria’s smart I/O. Top quality delivered in the size of a coin, the weight of a feather and at convenient ...

surveillance camera / monochrome / CMOS / USB 2.0
surveillance camera
DMK series

Imaging Source has introduced a new series of progressive scan CMOS cameras which come with a USB 2.0 connector. This series has 12 different cameras which include color and monochrome models. They are ...

surveillance camera / full HD / HD / full-color
surveillance camera

Sony is expanding its popular FCB block camera series with the introduction of a highly compact, all-in-one colour camera - the FCB-SE600. The FCB-SE600 is cleverly designed with a 3x vari-focal lens, ...

monitoring camera / machine vision / detection / for gas leak detection
monitoring camera

MAIA is the most advanced multi-spectral imaging camera, specifically designed for use abroad Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs), aircraft and land-vehicles in precision farming and environmental monitoring applications. MAIA ...

night vision camera / thermal imaging / full-color / CCD
night vision camera
IRI6000 Series

... resolution 640x480 sensor, the cameras combine the traditional Irisys features of performance, flexibility and minimal cost of ownership. With the option of compact enclosure and screw fit lenses, the module is designed ...