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rotary separator / particle / powder / for carbon steel
rotary separator

... finishing. Removing the inner components of the rotary separator is extremely simple, for easier cleaning. The following are just a few of the products which are typically sieved using the rotary separator.

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centrifugal separator / metal
centrifugal separator

Flow rate: 5 m³/h - 300 m³/h

The WTDZA from Wolftechnik is a centrifugal separator equipped with a design that allows the medium to circulate within the structure. It operates on an efficient separation system that involves centrifugal force that ...

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Wolftechnik Filtersysteme GmbH & Co. KG
air separator / oil / gas
air separator

... refrigerant in vapour phase at compressor outlet of refrigerating and air conditioning installations. • The TURBOIL® oil separators limit the amount of oil within the circuit, thus allowing increasing the performances ...

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air separator / condensate / compact / automatic
air separator
KAL-Ecomat 3100

Width: 149 mm
Flow rate: 2,500 l/min

Ready to install with 2.5 m connection cable Simple installation using attachment set Compact design Automatic drainage of generated condensate reduces maintenance work Permanent drainage of aggressive condensate preserves ...

coalescing separator / liquid / gas / process
coalescing separator

... suited for horizontal gas flows in a variety of industrial, commercial and process needs. These internals can be vane type separators with single or double pockets. They can also be of coalescing pad type.

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wet separator / air / liquid / particle
wet separator
NA series

Flow rate: 130 m³/h - 350 m³/h

NA 250 Wet separators are used for separating dust and dust particles of all types. The particles are channelled into liquid media, where they are safely trapped. Our wet separators come in various ...

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Ruwac Industriesauger GmbH
eddy current separator / particle / quartz sand / for the chemical industry
eddy current separator

The target of the countercurrent sifter is the reduction of the dust content in chemically bonded foundry sand. Sand attrition units remove the organic binder surface at means by friction from the sand grain. This organic „binder dust“ ...

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drum separator / rotary / for bulk materials / for the food industry
drum separator

Drum rotation, together with the counter rotation of the rollers, creates the optimal conditions for separating the sprue from the product CHARACTERISTICS • Interchangeable BR/BP roller drum • Inverter for speed control • Flow controller • ...

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coalescing separator / water / for in-line monitoring
coalescing separator
22, 32 series

Filtration size: 0.01 µm - 0.7 µm
Flow rate: 9 ft³/min - 70 ft³/min

This water separator from Monnier features a cartridge dement design and contains inner/outer support cores that avert clement from contact in either direction. This unit is offered in manual or autoamtatic drain and ...

air separator / condensate / gas / vertical
air separator
75HTL, 75VTL

Filtration size: 0.1 µm - 10 µm

Since introducing the filter-separator in the 1950's, PECOFacet Model 75 filter-seps have set the standard for reliability and performance in gas filtration. Now, PECOFacet reinvents the filter-sep introducing the TITAN ...

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Facet International
centrifugal separator / water
centrifugal separator

WATER SEPARATOR xt-model BENEFITS 99% EFFICIENCY Maintenance-free High flow rates Very Low differential pressure Removes upstream rust and pipe scale

rectangular separator / vibrating / powder / process
rectangular separator

Filtration size: 0.74 mm - 10 mm

Universal Motion Rectangular Separators Introduction Navector Universal Motion Rectangular Separators are driven by two contra-rotating unbalance motors. They utilise a linear motion directed to the ...

gravity separator / oil / water / emulsion
gravity separator

Splitting Agent The broad-range(pH4 to 10), effective splitting agent eliminates not only the need for the continual adaptation of pH values, but also for the use of chemicals. Filter Bags Low water content of filter residue because ...

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flow separator / water / sand / grit
flow separator

... the treatment. In case of the solids settled on the floor agglomerate until to block the pipe of extraction, the grit classifier has a “unjamming” pipe. It goes on the bottom of the tank, near the end of the tube ...

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magnetic separator / water / self-cleaning / automatic
magnetic separator

Filtration size: 1 µm - 5 µm
Flow rate: 30 l/min - 950 l/min

Maggie is a self-cleaning magnetic separator in line with high-performance magnets. The simplicity of the product design allows working 24/7 operation, while the footprint is four times smaller than traditional magnetic ...

separator with cylindrical magnet / water / for water treatment
separator with cylindrical magnet
FPT 1-2/140 - FPT 1-2/200

The FPT series is a cone-shaped iron-removing filter designed to control recovery water, engobe products, low viscosity glazes and slurry. The unit features an extractable magnetic core to facilitate cleaning. The series is available ...

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Virto Group
vibrating separator / for solids / for the food industry / automatic
vibrating separator

Type of machine: Shelling and shell/kernel separation system Treated product: Cashew nuts Description: The automatic shelling line manufactured by OLTREMARE in an integrated system thoroughly studied and realized to shell ...

coalescing separator / oil / for air compressors / high-efficiency
coalescing separator

Oil Sep coalescer elements deliver highly efficient oil separation from compressed air with low pressure drop. Typical applications are rotary compressors and vacuum pumps. Bea Technologies can design and manufacture Oil Sep elements ...

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BEA Technologies S.p.A.
cyclone separator / liquid / particle
cyclone separator
BTUX 305

Flow rate: 2,000 l/h

The BTUX 305 pilot separator is suitable for feed rates up to 2000 l/h, is available in a variety of configurations and therefore can be adapted for virtually any application. Suitable for hazardous materials, as it ...

electromagnetic disc separator / metal / powder / circular
electromagnetic disc separator
RCDY series

Series RCDY, are also called series PDC, is suitable for removing steel scraps from powdery and lumpy non-magnetic materials. This series have not only all the advantages in the series RCDB, but a reasonable field distribution, good ...

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Hunan Kemeida Electric Co., Ltd.
cyclone separator / sand / grit / for wastewater treatment
cyclone separator

DSP Grit Traps are designed to remove grit from sewage in waste water treatment plants. Description The DSP Grit Trap is used to remove sand from sewage in waste water treatment plants. The equipment consists of a drive unit complete ...

cyclone separator / hazardous dust
cyclone separator
Euro CLS series

Flow rate: 8,000 m³/h - 86,400,000 m³/h

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2-phase separator / centrifugal / liquid / for production lines
2-phase separator
CA 21-P

Width: 800 mm
Flow rate: 1,500 l/h

2-phase centrifugal separator with automatic control system and self-emptying drum mounted on a stainless steel frame.

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magnetic separator / metal / waste / waste recycling
magnetic separator

... steel from the waste incineration slag that contains metal is performed using an iron magnetic separator, NE separator and allmetal sorter (V2A separator). The metals are then melted ...

magnetic separator / particle / process
magnetic separator

Width: 2,000, 2,500 mm
Flow rate: 60, 120 m³/h

... pretreatment baths. Conventional solutions require that you interrupt the filtering process to remove magnetic particles from the separator. Thanks to its novel operating principle, the EcoMagno developed by Dürr lets ...

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