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linear shaft / bearing
linear shaft

Diameter: 10, 14, 6, 25 mm

... (Shaft D14K) Shaft D14 also available in stainless steel Shaft D6, bright Shaft D10, bright Shaft D14, bright Shaft D14 K Shaft ...

input shaft
input shaft

... chains. This gear system with input shafts is an economical solution if the input motor cannot be assembled directly next to the gear unit. Possible field of application: - As subsequent ratio for shafts ...

flexible shaft
flexible shaft
DV 6

flexible shaft
flexible shaft
DV 7

Length 1800 mm, shaft core Ø 7 mm, steel protection hose.Very flexible and robust due to steel protection hose.

flexible shaft
flexible shaft
HW 27

Length 1500 mm, shaft core Ø 6 mm, rubber protection hose Ø 13.5 mm.

precision shaft / transmission
precision shaft

... for the cold-forming proess. This means we achieve very high accuracy. Some examples of Conform® precision parts: drive shafts for small to medium-sized electric motors, e.g. for windshield wipers window winder seat ...

steel shaft / hollow / industrial / for heavy-duty applications
steel shaft
Ball mill trunnion

Main function of ball mill trunnion is to support and connect cylinder, and it is also the access way for the material. Weight: 5-30 t Material: ZG230-450 Customized: Yes Ball mill trunnion (ball mill head) is an important part ...

stainless steel shaft / universal joint / transmission
stainless steel shaft

Torque: 11.5 Nm - 23 Nm
Length: 470, 1,177, 1,884 mm

* Distance between centres (I1 and I2) and shaft length H calculated with transmission shaft with max. misalignment (α=45°)

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steel shaft / aluminum / stainless steel / brass
steel shaft
LSA series

Diameter: 0.25, 0.38, 0.5, 0.63 in
Length: 1.375 in - 9.375 in

Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel and Brass Lever Shafts, Inch

vehicle shaft / parts / steering
vehicle shaft

Diameter: 10 mm - 43 mm
Length: 12 mm - 215 mm

Shafts Parts for the vehicle steering column (under “security and regulatory” standards), and its generator or electrical motor.

stainless steel shaft / alloy / pump motor / OEM
stainless steel shaft

Motor Pump shaft extension castings / OEM Specification OEM service for Valve shafts and Valve Stems. Valve shafts with flange per customer's design. Material: ...