Stainless steel adapters

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cable adapter / reducing / thread / nickel-plated brass
cable adapter

Diameter: 9.7 mm - 75 mm

Adaptors/Adapters & Reducers, Globally Approved, Explosive Atmosphere Cable / Conduit Accessory Used for thread conversion Wide range of thread types & sizes General purpose / industrial version available Equipment ...

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CMP Products
hydraulic adapter / reducing / flange / stainless steel
hydraulic adapter
CF-RA-R series

Length: 76.2 mm
Diameter: 69.5 mm - 202.5 mm

The adapters provide a transition from one method of sealing to another. The feature of these adapters is that the geometries at each end of any component are different. This is more than a change in ...

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Highlight Technology Corp.
hydraulic adapter / gauge / threaded / stainless steel
hydraulic adapter

Diameter: 28 mm

... Pressure Gauges and other instrumentation where positional orientation can be determined on site. The standard material is Stainless Steel, although other materials are available on request. Ideal for ...

hydraulic adapter / flange / stainless steel
hydraulic adapter
522 series

Morsello Inox makes standard flanges dependent on images given by the customers. Before forwarding a purchase order, the customer must check the sizes and dimensions on the following tables or include the following details: external diameter ...

hydraulic adapter / reducing / flange / stainless steel
hydraulic adapter

Reducers are extensively used in pumps & petrochemicals, sugar mills & distilleries, steel plants and cement & construction industries. These reducers have inlet and outlet ends and line up to a general center line. We ...

hydraulic adapter / for pipes / flange / stainless steel
hydraulic adapter
2.5" | 340AF

For fuel servicing, the 340AF single point adapter yields pressurized fuels for support vehicles and military refuelling tanks. The body of this adapter is high-strength, rugged stainless ...

threaded adapter / stainless steel / aluminum / zinc-plated steel
threaded adapter

... shapes of thread adapters are aligned perfectly to our switches Thread adapters are supplied with seals Thread adapters Thread adapters stainless ...

threaded adapter / stainless steel / DIN / hexagonal
threaded adapter

Diameter: 10, 14 mm

... according to the requirements of our customers. The materials and shapes of thread adapters are aligned perfectly to our electronic pressure switches Thread adapters are provided together with ...

pipe adapter / threaded / stainless steel
pipe adapter

P/N 0000002031 is the 55/64-27 F standard stainless steel connection adaptor supplied with the AXION® eyePOD®.

hydraulic adapter / for fiber optics / threaded / SMA
hydraulic adapter
21-02 Series

These in-line adapters are used to mate two SMA 905-terminated optical fibers. They are useful for coupling patch cords to fiber optic probes and other devices, or for any multiple-fiber application where coupling of ...

hydraulic adapter / for hose / bayonet / stainless steel
hydraulic adapter

Bayonet Adaptors (Stainless Steel) Bayonet adaptors in stainless steel, available in various lengths and thread sizes