Universal data-loggers

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universal data-logger / acceleration / pressure / humidity
universal data-logger

Memory capacity: 2,000,000 unit

... or laptop via the USB interface or microSD card for data analysis purposes. Versatile universal data logger You have the choice between different casings, battery ...

universal data-logger / RS-232C / with screen / intelligent
universal data-logger
Datataker DT8x series

... leading brands of rugged, multi-purpose data loggers. The dataTaker product range includes specialised products for environmental, industrial, geotechnical and scientific data capture ...

universal data-logger / USB / without display / for strain gauges
universal data-logger

... cease logging data in the field if desired. The MadgeTech Data Logger Software offers user programmable Engineering Units which allows collected data to be presented in the established ...

universal data-logger / USB / wireless / with LCD display
universal data-logger
AZ Light

Memory capacity: 2,000 unit

... - actual high/low - logger serial number Memory: - automatic (of the past 14 measurements) - capacity 100 (optional 2,000 loggers) Receiving Frequency: 433 MHz (other Frequencies upon request) Aerial ...

temperature data-logger / pressure / humidity / universal
temperature data-logger
DLI series

... like unvented or vented water lever, unwanted pressure and humidity data alteration, or portability of the logger, the Dweyer Instruments had released its series of temperature data loggers ...

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universal data-logger / with screen / for electric power meters / multifunction
universal data-logger
DIRIS A60 series

The Diris A60 by Socomec is an Energy meter data logger which incorporates all functions of the DIRIS A40. For this specific unit, it comes with additional functions such as data logging ...

universal data-logger / with screen / for electric power meters / programmable
universal data-logger

... powers via direct connection and indoor installation. It incorporates data loggers to measure active energy consumption, both importation and exportation, together with data loggers for ...

universal data-logger / with screen / weather-resistant / climatic
universal data-logger


universal data logger / USB / M-bus / Ethernet
universal data logger

The MX-7 data logger allows reading of Modbus and M-Bus devices, and send the data to remote users / server through Modbus GPRS modem or Ethernet. It also provides SMS sending services ...

universal data-logger / with screen / for photovoltaïc installations / programmable
universal data-logger

The Solar-Log™ is Data logger manufactured by Solare Datensysteme. The data loggers are suitable solutions for the enhanced remote monitoring of photovoltaics systems. The conjunction ...

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universal data-logger / without display / for photovoltaïc installations / programmable
universal data-logger

The Freesun Data Center from Power Electronics is a data logging unit that is ideally used for solar fan remote monitoring and regulation. This unit allows operators to check operational status of the ...

universal data-logger / without display / compact / intelligent
universal data-logger

Powador-piccoLOG The data logger with power control for private users. The Powador-piccoLOG is the compact and cost-effective monitoring and control unit for PV systems from 1 to 20 kWp and for a maximum ...

universal data-logger / CAN bus / without display / programmable
universal data-logger

... programmed freely through the exchange of the script. Avisaro data logger CAN stores your technical data of the CAN interface on the SD card or USB memory Automatic, stand-alone logging Data ...

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Avisaro AG
universal data-logger / Ethernet / with screen / for electrical networks
universal data-logger
Enertrace Enerdis

... screen with 256 colours. It delivers an auxiliary power supply with a dynamic range of 90 to 264Vac / 11 to 370Vdc, and is data-secured by encryption.

universal data-logger / wireless / RS-232C / with screen
universal data-logger

Memory capacity: 64,000 unit

Data logger for stand-alone applications. The Minilog B is used to display and record measured data from an analog and digital input signal. It can be applied where a compact data logger is needed. In addition to data storage the data logger ...

universal data-logger / USB / with LCD display / portable
universal data-logger
813 series

Measuring uncertainty: ≤ ± 0,05% of nominal value Subject to technical changes

universal logger / wireless / IP67 / battery-powered
universal logger
Delta MU_xx

... Sigfox Logger The Delta LoRa Logger is a logging device with 2 analog inputs, one SDI12 and one counter interface. The device is battery powered and functions as a stand-alone data logger, ...

universal data-logger / power / USB / Ethernet
universal data-logger
S 330/331

Memory capacity: 100,000,000 unit

... powerful yet cost effective new data logger and display solution. The high resolution 5” graphic display allows an easy operation where details are much sharper shown compared to many of the smaller low ...

temperature data-logger / universal / humidity / pressure
temperature data-logger

The MSD200 data logger is designed for DIN rail mounting and has two RS485 interfaces. The device supports Modbus RTU and ASCII protocols. 64 channels for data querying and archiving ...

universal data-logger / Bluetooth / without display / multi-channel
universal data-logger

... together with the greatest simplicity in management and processing acquired data. DLM8 allows to briefly and easily realize indipendent systems of monitoring whose acquired data are remotely accessible ...

universal data-logger / energy / M-bus / Modbus
universal data-logger
EDL 50/55

... efficiency is improved The SAUTER EDL50 and EDL55 enable you to analyse energy consumption comprehensively. The Energy Data Loggers gather data from different meters as well as other ...

universal data-logger / with screen / programmable / with connector
universal data-logger

Memory capacity: 4,096 unit

Data Logger Data logger is an electronic system; it has been specifically designed by CG to fulfill the needs of the Indian Railways.