zoom camera objective / machine vision / CCTV video monitoring
zoom camera objective
MTV series

Focal length: 25, 35 mm

Main technology Specifications: MTV1614 CCTV Lens: Focal Length: 25mm Aperture: F1.4~F12 Working Distance: 110mm ~ ∞(No extension ring) Support 2/3"CCD MTV2514 CCTV Lens: Focal Length: 25mm Aperture: ...

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zoom objective lens
zoom objective lens
VS-MS series

The Microscope Lens is mainly designed to provide an excellent quality performance and functionality. The superior quality series is provided with four microscope bodies with 11 objective lenses to help in the operation ...

macro objective lens / zoom / machine vision
macro objective lens
MS series

Focal length: 173 mm

Meiji Techno's Short UNIMAC Series (Short-Back Focus) represent high performance direct -to-cam zoom lens system. The lens are designed to offer a wide range of features making them perfectly ...

zoom camera objective / CCD camera / machine vision
zoom camera objective

Focal length: 3.5 mm - 108 mm

... 3.5 mm to 75 mm Zoom Lens Covers 18 - 108 mm Focal Lengths Fast Lenses up to f/0.95 Manual Focus and Aperture Control Design Formats as Large as 1" C-Mount Threaded is Compatible with our CCD and CMOS ...

zoom objective lens / machine vision
zoom objective lens

Lenses with stainless steel housings for various fields of view and shapes are available for different applications.

zoom objective lens / UV
zoom objective lens
378 series

... observed clearly due to the brilliant clearance offered by the long working distance objectives between the surface of the lens and the work piece. The 378 series also offers special objectives with correction for near ...

zoom objective lens
zoom objective lens

Wide Zoom lens for 1-Chip DLP projectors Throw ratio: For WUXGA models: 1.0-1.3:1 For WXGA and XGA models: 1.0-1.4:1

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