hot air curtain / horizontal / with electric heating
5 040 m ³/h | FINESSE Comfort



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    with electric heating


This air curtain is intended for ceiling installation. The compact design of the air curtain allows easy mounting without need for extra parts or brackets. Maintenance is easy and the face grille is nice to look at while comprising the integrated intake and exhaust. The air curtain can be supplied with complete electronic regulation which allowing automatic running, which ensures maximum efficiency and a high level of energy savings. The most frequent use of this unit is in supermarket entrance halls, banks and hotels, restaurants and administrative buildings etc.

- Air curtain lengths: 1.0 m, 1.5 m and 2.0 m
- 2 output ranges with a range of uses for doors up to a height of 7.5 m
with air flow output up to 5 040 m3/h
- Electric heater up to 18 kW, water heater up to 54.5 kW, air only version
- 3-levels of air output, 2-levels of heating output or fully automatic mode
in connection with up to three external switches
- A wide range of other accessories and hanging elements