inductive proximity sensor / ring / standard / IP67



  • Technology:


  • Shape:


  • Protection level:

    standard, IP67

  • Output signal:

    NAMUR, amplified

  • Other characteristics:



In ring sensors, sensing is made within the ring itself. The sensor is activated when a metallic object is introduced within it. They are particularly suitable for applications where detection of small metal objects such as screws, nuts, washers etc... is requested and also for break detection of continuos metal wires that pass through it. The sensors housing is made of plastic and the electrical attachments are available by means of a cable or M8 and M12 connectors depending on the models.
They are available with internal dia. 5-12-15-22-25-30-44-63-100mm.
-Namur types from 5 ÷ 24Vdc
-Namur types in conformity with Atex/IECEx
-Amplified 3 and 4 wire types NPN or PNP from 10 ÷ 30Vdc.
-Model SIA 25 totally shielded anti-interference
-Led incorporated
-Max current output 200mA
-Short circuit protection for amplified types.
-Delay on de-energization 100mS
-All types are available with cable or plug for connector.