automatic labeler / high-speed / compact / for the pharmaceutical industry
ALline E



  • Operational mode:


  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Other characteristics:

    for bottles, side, in-line, high-speed, compact, wrap-around

  • Throughput:

    500 p/min


The labelling machine ALline E is designed such that it can apply two labels, one each, in the front and at the back of rectangle/ellipse-shaped bottles and jars. The machines can work optimally with all kinds of container materials, whether plastic, metal or glass.

The base is fit with two opposite-facing ALritma heads. The machine facilitates incorporation of handling and spacing modules from the ALine C system. It also features separately available orienting and stabilizing devices. The ALline E features an ultra-high tech and sophisticated system that creates perfect symphony between all components to deliver outstanding performances.

The output speed can be manipulated via a solitary potentiometer. The high quality of labelling is sustained even when the machine is just starting or when it is stopped. The system includes an upper trestle even in the absence of a cabinet. This serves to impart enhanced rigidity to the entire assembly owing to increased tension in the top belt that stabilizes the operation.

The machine is perfectly suited for labelling applications in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.