spiral conveyor / apron / package / can
AccuVeyor® AVh series



  • Technology:


  • Product transported:

    package, can, carton

  • Other characteristics:

    accumulation, spiral

  • Maximum load:

    5 kg (11.023 lb)

  • Speed:

    36,000 mm/min (23.62 in/s)


The AccuVeyor® AVh Series is a dynamic FIFO spiral accumulator / line balancer. It is specially designed for primary packages such as pouches or odd shaped / delicate packs. With its rapid response to speed differences in up and downstream lines it dynamically balances the line to a high efficiency level. The unique patented technology is based on one belt that is guided out of the up-running into the down-running guide frame. So no product transfer but a belt transfer will take place. The items will stay on the same belt segment throughout the system. Different to traditional dynamic accumulators like the AVd, items are not clamped or touched at all. The belt transfer unit winds up or down. Along these spiral conveyors transfer the flow from the up to the down spiral conveyor in order to along or shorten the loop of accumulation.

Suitable for goods:
Primary packing like; cartons, candy bars, biscuits packs, personal care and pharmaceuticals
Filled liquid containers like pouches, doypacks, bottles and cans
Delicate packs
Multiple products transported parallel
Belt width range140 mm / 6"
Multi TrackTracks nested in a vertical manner, one track up on top of one track down
Elevationin / out on approx. same level /
Conveyor belt lengthtotal effective accumulation length up to 60 m / 200 ft