belt conveyor / case / bag / for containers
SpiralVeyor® SV



  • Technology:


  • Product transported:

    case, bag, for containers, for bottle packs, carton

  • Other characteristics:


  • Maximum load:

    50 kg (110.231 lb)

  • Speed:

    60,000 mm/min (39.37 in/s)


The SpiralVeyor® SV Series is a general purpose spiral conveyor that is applied in many industries and across a wide range of applications. Within the AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor® program, these are the midrange in belt width. They can be fitted with one or more parallel individual driven conveyor tracks arranged parallel to each other. The SlimLine version is designed to save valuable floor space and defends the title of World's most compact spiral elevator. Furthermore, many other options are available to customize / configure this spiral conveyor for specific applications and functions.

Suitable for goods:
Cartons, containers, trays, bottlepacks, bags, crates and totes.
Belt width range300 - 600 mm / 12 - 24"
Multi Trackup to 4 parallel tracks
Elevationvirtually unlimited / commonly up to 15 m per drive system. / 50 ft
Conveyor belt lengthup to 60 m per drive system / 200 ft