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DC motor / stepper / two-phase stepper / 12V
80000 series



  • AC/DC:


  • Type:

    stepper, two-phase stepper

  • Voltage :


  • Other characteristics:

    flat, industrial, bipolar, permanent magnet

  • Torque:

    0.14 Nm (0.1033

  • Power:

    12 W (0.016 hp)

  • Diameter:

    80 mm


The 8000 Series is a range of 80 mm pancake stepper motor from Ametek. The series is suitable for applications that require accurate positioning with high torque and think packaging. It is offered at a maximum diameter of 80 mm and has thickness which measures 12.7 mm. This pancake motor has one coil mounted inside the other. Its permanent magnet rotor is a ring that is installed between the coils.

This machine is suitable to be installed in business machines, computer peripherals, and industrial equipment and automation. It can also be configured to function for machines that require unipolar coils, special shafts, and mountings.