carbon monoxide detector / fire / for industrial applications / process



  • Detected entity:

    carbon monoxide

  • Application:


  • Other characteristics:

    for industrial applications, monitoring, process


"An advanced carbon monoxide detector designed to provide early warning of spontaneous combustion in pulverisers for coal and biomass.

Specifically designed for early detection of potential fire risk in pulverizing mills in coal or biomass processes, Millwatch monitors and quickly responds to sudden carbon monoxide (CO) build-up, allowing preventative action to be taken before a hazardous condition develops.

Using AMETEK Land’s unique detection system, Millwatch provides continuous, accurate monitoring of CO levels – improving process safety, protecting expensive mill equipment, and preventing costly downtime from unnecessary shutdowns.

Millwatch continuously extracts sample gases from the mill outlet for a constant, dual-sensor CO measurement. Customisable alarms adapt to individual plant process conditions, while automatic calibration ensures high measurement integrity is maintained 24/7.

Specifically designed for power generation operators who need to improve process safety in mills and pulverisers using coal and biomass fuels, Millwatch ensures the protection of people, plant and process."

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